There are many types of awnings for sun shading systems on the market today. To choose the optimum design, you need to decide what you want to see on the awning.

To do this, you need to understand which awning models are available and how they differ from each other. There are many types of awnings.

In this article I will show you all the types of awnings so that you can get advice before buying them.

The peculiarity of the designs of each of the existing types of awnings will make you fall in love with them.

But it is precisely in this detail where the mistake lies, as you should observe many other characteristics.

Here I show you more types of awnings available on this website:

Remarks on the types of awnings on the market.

Summer, sun, heat… It’s a great time to get to know the types of awnings that exist. But often the sun’s rays become unbearable.

You want to be outdoors for as long as possible and at the same time you want to hide from the heat and immerse yourself in the coolness.

And not to be bothered by wind and rain. These wishes are understandable and logical. In such a situation, special structures are needed: awnings. These are excellent sun protection systems that are used to shade areas of various sizes.

Protection for all types of awnings is crucial.

For example, the use of a casing that protects the working surface of the awning and significantly increases the lifetime of the entire system should be strongly considered.

With this type of design, the working surface is folded into a roll and becomes inaccessible to dust and wind.

Another example are open awnings. This type of construction is the opposite of a cassette awning.

In such a system, the working surface is also rolled up, but does not retract into a protective casing. The structure itself is also folded by means of a hinge mechanism.

The main benefits of using awnings.

  • Its lightness and modularity.
  • Repairs are carried out without a lot of time and money.
  • The fabric used for the production of awnings reflects up to 90% of harmful solar radiation.
  • The frames are made of materials that are not subject to external influences.
  • They allow you to shade large areas, while when folded they are almost invisible.

Nowadays, almost all types of awnings are created in different colours. In addition, they can be decorated with interesting patterns.

Different types of awnings will easily fit into any exterior and will emphasise the overall style of the room.

To buy awnings of the best quality, you can choose the option you like the most according to the photo and description in the catalogue of each manufacturer.

An infinite number of ranges and colours to choose from for your awnings.

The range of models and designs of sun protection systems includes open awnings, facade awnings, closed cassette awnings, winter garden awnings, commercial awnings and many more types of awnings that I will show you here.

In this link I help you to know more details of the types of awnings that exist through the articles of the awning ideas blog.

In addition to a stylish selection of reliable and durable collection fabrics for awnings made of acrylic and polyester, they make it possible to realise the boldest functional design ideas for any space.

Five reasons to know the types of awnings that exist.

Nowadays, not only urban but also rural residents highly value things that are multifunctional, and awnings are one of them.

It would seem that an impressive number of different functions that awnings can perform is their only and main advantage, however, these protective systems have a solid track record.

In fact, almost all types of awnings tend to be special. Many, looking only at the picture of the awning, cannot believe that these window awnings can be rolled up or unfolded without human help, but this is possible thanks to special sensors that exist on the market. However, let us consider the virtues of the marquis in order.

The first reason is that awning types have a wide range of functions.

Perhaps, the types of awning are these parameters have no analogues, because they can simultaneously perform a protective function (from direct sunlight, dust, light rain and wind), decorative function (decoration of building facades in a unique style solution).

Awnings can also be safely classified as items that allow you to save energy costs (air conditioning, fans, etc.).

All types of awnings are often used today as a very cost-effective and convenient advertising platform.

Large awnings often serve as the roof of summer café terraces and small terraces in country houses, which is very convenient.

The second reason is that awnings are incredibly convenient.

Given the widespread introduction of various innovative developments, the possibility of additional equipment and electric drives in the different types of awnings, awnings do not require special skills or the use of force to control them.

We can say that these awnings have become “independent” at all, with virtually no need for human intervention, and anyone can operate them without any special devices.

Moreover, unlike the usual folding awnings, the awning does not need to be assembled / disassembled manually, and there is no need to look for a free place for it.

The third reason is that awnings are very durable.

In fact, thanks to the use of the best materials, the introduction of modern technologies, perfectly thought-out design and competent installation, all types of awnings will function without problems for many years to come.

The fourth reason is that awnings can have additional equipment.

Additional equipment for awnings means solar wind automatics, i.e. sensors that respond instantly to indicators of solar radiation and wind intensity. Awnings are often equipped with time sensors, allowing you to open/close them at certain times.

The fifth reason is that all awning types are individual in size and colour.

For example, all types of awnings are offered by companies exclusively for the dimensions you need, i.e. you purchase a product that is made exclusively for you.

At the same time, the awning types are selected individually according to your preferences, and the additional equipment for the different awnings is selected according to your wishes. This means that your awning will be exclusive.

It seems that these reasons are more than enough to understand how important and simply necessary it is to know the different types of awnings available to us, because these products enjoy an incredible popularity nowadays.

And if you ask the happy owners of the different types of awnings if they want to exchange them for any other item, be prepared to receive a 100% negative answer.

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