How to revive the dull facade of an office building? How to make apartment buildings and luxury cottages look not only cozy, but also elegant from the outside?

Of course, it is worth using modern technologies. For example, you can always install facade awnings.

These hinged decorative elements are installed directly on the facade. They are made of fabric and come in a variety of shapes and colors.

By simply completing the installation of facade awnings, you can give respectability to any building.

At the same time, the original decorative elements will not only immediately transform the appearance of the house, but also serve as a reliable protection from the scorching sun.

facade awning

It is worth noting that these hinged systems are designed for windows of various sizes. In addition, the structure of each of these designs can be advanced in several ways at once. In some designs, facade awnings are easily converted into partitions, which is important for gazebos and cafes.

There are also vertically inclined facade awnings, when installing them, you can protect both the windows of the house and shop windows from sunlight, but at the same time does not prevent air from entering the room from the street.

Awnings for store fronts.

Large storefronts are the face of a store or establishment, and their design is very important to attract customers.

They are the first to attract attention because of their style, colors and shape. Buying storefront awnings is a simple and effective way to get additional publicity, attract customers and visitors.

Façade awnings can be combined harmoniously with almost any façade, these products are ideal for shading inclined or vertical planes.

Facade awnings work very well on rails with vertical and inclined windows, and the angle of inclination can be up to 30°.

awnings for house fronts

Awnings for house facades.

Do you want the facade of your house, store or cafe look elegant and respectable? The manufacturers have them as it happens as the leroy merlin facade awnings.

And above all, keep in mind that it is first and foremost a spectacular and practical solution: the facade awnings.

Folding structures will create an exclusive exterior and reliably protect the room from excessive sun.

Awnings on ventilated facade also serve as effective advertising media: by placing a logo or the name of an institution on the canvas, it attracts the attention of potential customers.

When ordering awnings for facades of houses at leroy merlin you get:

  • Products that fully satisfy your desires;
  • Quality service;
  • Reasonable prices;
  • Fast order fulfillment.

If you wish, you can install the facade awnings yourself: we provide detailed instructions and diagrams.

Features of facade awnings.

Facade awnings are combined with historical and modern buildings, suitable for shading vertical and inclined planes, organically fit into non-standard door and window openings of any size.

For example canopies for sloping facades are in demand in the design of office centers, country houses, winter gardens, gazebos and other objects. Facade canopies consist of several elements:

  • Aluminum frame with folding or sliding mechanism;
  • Fabric canvas. Wear-resistant acrylic is used for maximum protection against sun, dust and precipitation;
  • Control system. They can be mechanical or automatic.

Awnings facade leroy merlin.

The advantage of these systems in the facade awnings leroy merlin is the range of applications: from light walls of a summer gazebo to more complex options.

For example, the original vertically inclined awnings on the facade, which, closing the window from the sun’s rays, do not prevent the penetration of fresh air.

Any glazed part of the facade, from a window in a residential building to shop windows, is the scope of vertical sun shading systems.

Roll-up facade awnings.

Roller facade awnings are a popular form of external sun shading designed to shade vertical surfaces. The fabric in these systems lowers and raises at any height.

This feature allows you to easily control the lighting level of the room without blocking the entry of fresh air.

Roller shades for facades are ideal for gazebos, terraces, balconies, summer cafes, movie theaters and workplaces.

With the help of this variety of awning types, you can maintain a pleasant temperature and lighting level in the room. The fabric reflects up to 100% of sunlight, protecting from heat and interior from fading.

Some models are referred to as cassette front awning and can be equipped with a protective cover that will protect the rolled fabric from fading and precipitation.

What fabric is used for facade awnings.

The fabric of the facade awning can be freely adjusted in height. The lower falsework moves along guides made of a metal cable or an aluminum tube.

When aluminum tubes are used as guides, the lower false can be fixed at any height with special screws, which is very convenient in windy climates.

And the choice of fabrics for the manufacture of the design should be approached carefully. They are simple and endowed with additional properties. As a rule, acrylic fabrics are used for facade awnings, the cost of which is kept in average ranges.

Synthetic fibers do not allow the canvas to rot when exposed to moisture and precipitation, and also have a high degree of protection against ultraviolet radiation.

Facade awnings do not fade and retain an attractive appearance for many seasons in a row.

And special modern compositions for impregnating fabrics have moisture-proof and dirt-repellent properties. The awning will retain its appearance at temperatures from -30 to +70 degrees.

awnings for facades

Always choose color variants of fabrics for facade awnings.

For a beautiful design of the fabric, its end is finished with a frill: the end of the awning with wavy cuts hanging from the front edge of the profile. This is a decorative piece without additional functions.

And a retractable flounce, which can have a size of one meter or more, will already perform an important function.

If necessary, it is easy to lower it from the horizontal part of the structure vertically down to protect it from the sun and precipitation. The price of facade awnings depends on their availability.

Bricomart facade awnings.

Facade awnings bricomart are considered widespread and in demand, which are used in cafes and stores, in hotels, as well as in cottages and summer cottages. It is also possible to use them as a shading element on balconies and apartment windows.

This is a broad category and includes many options that depend on the scope of their application and the tasks to be performed.

Let us dwell on those structures that are used to decorate the appearance of the building, emphasize its architecture and attract attention. These are awnings for windows in stores, boutiques and similar establishments.

Window dressing and facade awning fabrics.

Large windows are the face of a store or boutique, so their design is very important. They are seen first and last, they are noticed by their color scheme and shape.

Therefore, buying window front awnings is a simple and effective way to attract customers and visitors.

Retractable type facade awnings.

The open view retractable facade awning systems are installed in well protected places, under a roof or in niches.

This is the most economical and easiest solution to create a beautiful shade. The fixing mechanisms and opening rollers are protected by the fixed roof.

leroy merlin facade awnings

The semi-cassette facade awning type protects all rollers and mounting elements, hinges from the weather. From above, in the folded state, there remains a visor that closes all the elements.

Cassette type facade awning.

This is the most optimal type of awning in terms of safety and technically the most advanced. When closed, the cassette hides all mechanisms without exception inside its protective casing. The front profile acts as a cover and prevents rain and dirt from entering when folded.

The facade awnings fit harmoniously to almost any building face, protecting them perfectly. The cassette facade awnings can be perfectly combined with each other. They are used in both residential and commercial sectors.

Stainless steel facade awnings.

Stainless steel facade awnings are an elegant solution from the product range of all facade awnings.

The advantage is the technological solution, which consists of a slim guide (tube) and an almost tight fit of the sun protection film, which in turn prevents the penetration of sunlight into the room.

Stainless steel is currently the preferred choice in architecture. As more exclusive solutions, 4 different types of stainless steel material are available to meet different customer requirements.

Facade awnings blend harmoniously with almost any facade, they are ideal for shading inclined or vertical planes.

The facade awning works very well on rails with vertical and inclined windows, and the angle of inclination can be 30°.

Facade awnings can be perfectly combined with each other. They are used in both residential and commercial sectors:

  • vertical facade;
  • inclined facade;
  • oblique-vertical facade awnings;
  • vertically inclined facade;

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