Vertical balcony awning: the smart option to beat the heat and save energy.

Balconies and terraces are valuable spaces in our homes, where we enjoy the outdoors and relax. However, many times they are affected by inclement weather such as scorching sun or unexpected rains. To solve this problem, an innovative and efficient solution has emerged: the vertical balcony awning. In this article, we will explore this revolutionary awning in detail and how it can protect and make the most of your balcony.

What is the vertical balcony awning?

The vertical balcony awning is a protection system specifically designed for balconies and terraces. It is a vertical retractable awning that is installed on the outside of the balcony and unfolds downwards when necessary. Its operation is simple and efficient, allowing you to enjoy the outdoor space without worrying about the intense sun or sudden precipitation. This type of awning is made of high-quality materials that guarantee its resistance and long-term durability. In addition, its compact and discreet design adapts perfectly to any architectural style.

Advantages of the vertical balcony awning.

  1. Protection against sun and rain: The vertical balcony awning offers excellent protection against UV rays and the heat of the sun. When unfolded downwards, it creates a pleasant shade that allows you to enjoy the balcony without worrying about the damaging effects of the sun on your skin or furniture. In addition, this awning is waterproof and can withstand heavy rain, keeping the balcony dry and protected.
  2. Energy saving: The vertical balcony awning can also contribute to saving energy at home. By blocking direct sun, it helps keep the interior temperature cooler on hot days, thus reducing the need for HVAC systems. This translates into lower energy consumption and therefore savings on your electricity bill.
  3. Use of space: With the vertical balcony awning, the balcony becomes an additional area for rest and entertainment. Unfolding the awning creates a cozy and sheltered environment, ideal for relaxing, reading a book or enjoying a meal al fresco. In addition, it does not take up space on the balcony floor, making it possible to make the most of the available area.
  4. Easy installation and use: The installation of the vertical balcony awning is quick and easy. It does not require major modifications to the balcony structure, as it is securely fixed to the exterior wall. In addition, its drive system can be adapted to your needs, being able to choose between a manual crank or a motorized one to open and close the awning comfortably and effortlessly.

Vertical awnings for balconies prices.

The prices of the vertical balcony awning vary depending on the size, type of fabric and construction materials used. The simplest and smallest awnings can cost around €100, while the largest and most sophisticated models can cost €1000 or even more. Also, it is important to consider the reputation of the manufacturer or supplier of the awning, as this can affect the price.

It is advisable to invest in an awning made with durable, weather-resistant materials to avoid costly repairs or premature replacements. In general, it is recommended to compare different options available in the market to evaluate the features and prices offered before making an informed decision about the purchase of a vertical balcony awning.

Vertical awning balcony leroy merlin

Vertical terrace awnings.

Vertical terrace awnings are solar protection systems specifically designed for terraces and outdoor spaces. Unlike conventional side awnings, which extend horizontally from a fixed structure, vertical terrace awnings deploy vertically from the floor to the ceiling or from the terrace railing.

These vertical awnings are highly versatile and adapt to different types of terraces, balconies or patios. They provide effective protection against the sun’s rays, excessive heat and glare, creating a cool and pleasant environment in the outdoor area.

In addition to their main function of sun protection, vertical terrace awnings also offer privacy by creating an intimate and sheltered space. Some models even have additional features, such as retractable side curtains or transparent windows, which allow you to enjoy the exterior views without sacrificing comfort and protection.

With their elegant and modern design, they add an aesthetic touch to any outdoor space, enhancing its appearance and creating a welcoming atmosphere. In addition, they are easy to use, with manual or motorized drive systems that allow the awning to be unfolded or retracted with ease.

Vertical awning balcony leroy merlin.

The Leroy Merlin vertical balcony awning is a versatile and functional sun protection system designed specifically for balconies and terraces. This product combines quality and practicality, offering an effective solution to control sunlight, protect yourself from excessive heat and maintain privacy in your outdoor space.

The Leroy Merlin vertical balcony awning consists of a strong and durable structure that is easily installed on the railing or on the wall of your balcony. It is made with high quality materials that guarantee its resistance to the elements and its long useful life.

One of the outstanding features of these vertical awnings for balconies is their vertical winding mechanism, which allows it to be deployed or collected easily and quickly according to your needs. When the awning is unfolded, it creates an effective barrier against the sun’s rays, blocking the heat and protecting your furniture and plants from the damaging effects of UV rays.

The awning also gives you the possibility to regulate the entry of light and maintain privacy on your balcony. You can adjust the position of the awning to obtain the desired level of shade and enjoy a cool and pleasant environment during sunny days.

In addition to its functionality, the Leroy Merlin vertical balcony awning stands out for its elegant and modern design. It is available in different colors and styles, which allows you to select the option that best suits the aesthetics of your balcony.

Technical characteristics.

Vertical awnings for balconies are available in different dimensions to adapt to different sizes of balconies and terraces. In addition, the possibility of customizing the awning is offered according to your preferences and specific needs. You can choose from a wide range of colors and fabric designs to match the aesthetics of your home.

As for the drive system, you can opt for a manual crank that allows you to easily unfold and collect the awning with a simple movement. If you prefer a more convenient and practical option, you can choose motorization. With a remote control or even a programmable automation option, you’ll be able to open and close your awning with the push of a button.

The vertical balcony awning has been designed with strength and durability in mind. It is made of high-quality materials, such as corrosion-resistant aluminum and waterproof and UV-resistant fabrics. This ensures that the awning can withstand adverse weather conditions, such as strong winds or heavy rain, without damage or deterioration.

vertical awnings for balconies

User experiences.

The opinions of those who have installed the vertical awnings for balconies are extremely positive. Many users highlight how this awning has completely transformed the way they enjoy their balcony or terrace. They mention that now they can spend more time outdoors, without worrying about the sun or the rain. In addition, they value the ease of use and comfort provided by the chosen drive system. Likewise, they highlight the quality of the materials and the resistance of the awning to the inclement weather.

Conclusions to keep in mind.

Vertical awnings for balconies are presented as an innovative and efficient solution to protect and make the most of the space on your balcony or terrace. Its advantages, such as protection against sun and rain, energy savings, space efficiency and ease of installation and use, make it an attractive option to improve the quality of life in your home.

If you are looking for a way to protect your balcony and fully enjoy this outdoor space, the vertical balcony awning is an alternative worth considering. With its elegant design, functionality and durability, this awning will allow you to create a pleasant and protected environment, where you can relax and share unforgettable moments with family and friends.

Do not wait any longer and discover all the possibilities that the vertical balcony awning can offer you. Transform your balcony into a cozy and versatile space, enjoying every moment outdoors without worrying about the weather.

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