Micro-perforated tarpaulins are a covering material used for the display of articles and signage, which can be printed with informative messages or logos.

The tarpaulins consist of a fabric blocked with a light-permeable material. It is composed of small holes that allow it to emit a translucent but opaque environment to visitors; blurring the content behind the fabric.

In addition to their beauty, micro-perforated tarpaulins offer fungistatic properties, reduce glare and scatter light.

They are ideal for outdoor use as they can withstand extreme weather conditions and protect from UV light fallout.

Advantages of using micro-perforated tarpaulins.

1. Allows for better ventilation: Micro-perforated tarpaulins allow air circulation, which keeps fresh air inside. This is especially useful in environments where heat and humidity can be a problem.

2. Provides privacy: Micro-perforated tarpaulins offer greater privacy than lighter materials, as the holes are so small that they prevent people from seeing through the fabric. This is ideal for spaces where extra security or privacy is needed.

3. Easy to clean: Micro-perforated tarpaulins are easy to clean, as no dust or dirt accumulates in the holes. This means that only a superficial cleaning is needed to keep the tarpaulin in good condition.

4. Improves aesthetics: Micro-perforated tarpaulins have a modern and stylish look. This means it can be used in a variety of spaces, from the office to the home. This allows it to blend in with existing décor to create a pleasing ambience.

Characteristics of Microperforated Tarpaulins.

Here are 5 main characteristics of micro-perforated tarpaulins:

Element Resistance.

The resistance to the elements of micro-perforated fabric is a critical feature for any exterior design.

By using specially treated marine grade fabrics, our product offers superior protection against the elements.

The fabric can withstand a wide range of weather conditions without deterioration or loss of structural integrity.

This includes protection against ultraviolet rays and dust, as well as against rotting caused by moisture and acid.

Our solution is also fire resistant, allowing it to be used in commercial interiors without the danger associated with other commercially available fire retardant materials.

Micro-perforated advertising tarpaulins

Custom Designs.

Custom designs on micro-perforated canvas offer innovative solutions to meet specialised printing needs.

Using the latest digital printing technology, designs are created that provide optimum colour and visual quality.

The smartest materials must be carefully selected to ensure a durable and long-lasting product, as well as hardwearing textiles to guarantee total sun protection.

This means that customised finishes make a difference to advertising campaigns – the perfect choice to create the desired impact!


Micro-perforated fabric materials are a versatile solution for indoor and outdoor printing and projection requirements.

The fabric is composed of a textured polyester fabric with waterproof micropores, giving it exceptional perceptual characteristics.

It resists weathering, with good dimensional stability even after months without being subjected to repeated stresses; it maintains its colour, gloss and high resistance to friction without significantly affecting the projected image.

This tarpaulin can be delivered as long rolls or formed into any required perimeter thanks to the adhesive coating that protects against tearing during transport and docking.


Micro perforated tarpaulin designs can offer vehicle owners a sustainable and aesthetically pleasing solution for interior ventilation.

Made from externally perforated plastic mesh, the fabric provides a large number of openings that allow airflow.

These openings also prevent insects from entering and will not allow the outside to trap heat inside the vehicle.

The material is wear resistant, soft to the touch and is easily handled for either dismantling or installation. This unique product will offer both additional functionality and style to the vehicle interior.


The colours of the micro-perforated tarpaulin offer a unique variability in relation to the traditional material for outdoor applications and multiple uses.

Its surface allows both direct and indirect sunlight to pass through, creating a bright and cheerful atmosphere.

It is available in a wide range of vibrant colours to suit any decorative scheme.

It is made from water-resistant, flame-retardant, anti-wrinkle and anti-mould linen. It is highly durable and waterproof, making it ideal for other seasons.

In addition, its simple design can be easily removed for when there is no need to cover terraces or balconies.

Types of Micro-perforated Tarpaulins.

There are many types of micro-perforated tarpaulins depending on their utility and characteristics. Here are the most important ones.

Microperforated Tarpaulins for Decoration.

Micro-perforated tarpaulins for decoration are a modern and unique way to decorate spaces. These tarpaulins are made of tough plastic materials, such as polyester, polyurethane and vinyl, which are formed into panels with small holes that allow light to enter, while maintaining privacy.

These panels can be found in a variety of patterns, designs and colours, allowing for a wide range of decorating options.

These canvases offer a unique decorative solution for those looking to control ambient light without sacrificing privacy.

Micro-perforated printed tarpaulin

Micro-perforated tarpaulins for industrial use.

Micro-perforated tarpaulins for industrial use are strong and durable materials designed for professional use.

These tarpaulins are generally made of materials such as nylon, polyester, PVC tarpaulin and polyurethane tarpaulin.

They are designed to withstand extreme conditions such as weathering, heat, pressure and chemicals.

These tarpaulins have a perforated surface to provide ventilation and allow light to pass through.

This means that they can also be used to construct waterproof and hard-wearing outdoor covers.

They can be used in a variety of industrial applications, from protecting equipment to making coverings for trucks, industrial vehicles and landscaping equipment.

Micro-perforated outdoor tarpaulin.

Micro-perforated outdoor tarpaulins are tarpaulins made of weather-resistant materials, such as polyester and PVC, that have tiny holes in them to allow air, light and rain to pass through.

These tarpaulins are generally used for sun protection, such as screens for patios, porches and decks.

They are also used to cover or fence off outdoor areas, such as car parks, sports fields and gardens.

They are very strong and durable, and can withstand wind and weather without deterioration. This makes them ideal for outdoor use.

In addition to their resistance to the elements, outdoor micro-perforated tarpaulins are also very versatile and can be customised to suit the décor of a patio or garden.

Micro-perforated mesh tarpaulin.

Micro-perforated mesh tarpaulins are a tough and practical material commonly used in the industrial, logistics and construction sectors.

This tarpaulin is characterised by its highly durable fabric which incorporates ventilation to reduce heat and condensation within the protected space.

The high quality material is water resistant, abrasion resistant, resistant to harmful U-V, weathering, as well as any other adverse climatic factors.

For all these reasons, micro-perforated mesh tarpaulins are an ideal solution for covering outdoor equipment for work in harsh environments.

It is commonly used to manufacture awnings, marquees, tarpaulins and patio awnings. In addition, it is also used to manufacture tarpaulins, curtain tarpaulins, sign tarpaulins and other applications.

Micro-perforated mesh tarpaulin is a very versatile fabric that can be used for many different purposes.

Micro-perforated advertising tarpaulins.

Micro-perforated advertising tarpaulins are a type of advertising material used to promote brands and products.

These tarpaulins are made of water and wind resistant materials, are weather and wear resistant and are characterised by thousands of tiny micro-perforations.

These micro-perforations allow customers to see advertising messages from inside a building, while the outside of the tarpaulin remains opaque.

This creates high visibility, but prevents the inside of the building from being seen from the outside. It also makes them an excellent choice for those who wish to promote their products or brands without having to worry about customer privacy.

These fabrics are designed to allow light to penetrate, which provides natural daytime illumination.

They are UV resistant and have a very long life span. In addition, due to their adhesion to the fabric, they do not wear out easily.

Perforated tarpaulins have a very clean finish with no visible seams, ensuring high quality prints and brilliant sharpness.

This makes them an excellent medium for promoting products or brands through large digital marketing campaigns.

Printed micro-perforated tarpaulin.

Printed micro-perforated tarpaulins are a type of large size advertising printing material.

They are designed to be installed indoors and outdoors, as advertising tarpaulins, decorative tarpaulins, shade tarpaulins, etc.

These tarpaulins consist of a weather resistant polyester printing surface with a micro-perforated mesh that makes the tarpaulin breathable.

This allows the tarpaulin to be seen clearly from the inside, allowing full visibility. Printing on printed micro-perforated tarpaulins is done using high quality digital printing and offers a high quality and durable finish.

Printed micro-perforated tarpaulins are weather resistant, making them ideal for use in outdoor areas.

Micro-perforated outdoor tarpaulin

Micro-perforated PVC Tarpaulin.

Micro-perforated PVC Tarpaulins are a water and weather resistant vinyl solution designed to provide superior quality prints with a brilliant flare.

It is coated with a waterproof film that makes it highly resistant to UV rays and weathering, and is reinforced with anti-tear mesh that enhances durability and protects against mechanical wear and tear.

Micro-perforation is a unique treatment that allows air circulation without compromising the image. In addition, it is very light, easy to handle and can be used indoors or outdoors.

These tarpaulins are very versatile and can be used to cover terraces, patios, swimming pools, gardens or even to cover the roofs of buildings. In addition, they are resistant to weather conditions such as rain, UV rays, wind and snow.

Micro-perforated tarpaulins for facades.

Micro-perforated façade fabrics are a modern shading technology that provides solar protection and privacy without losing visibility.

These tarpaulins, made from water-resistant polyester and recycled rubber, are designed to be flexible, allowing air to flow freely through the micro-orifices.

The tarpaulins also help to conserve energy by providing additional insulation within the building.

These versatile solutions can be installed on interior and exterior windows, slopes and even automated doors.

They not only offer lost privacy, but also natural light control with their adjustable transparency, which helps to improve the building’s interior environment.

In addition, these tarpaulins act as a protective barrier against wind, rain and dust, providing increased durability and corrosion resistance. They are easy to clean and maintain, making them ideal for use in any environment.

Applications for Micro-perforated Tarpaulins.

There are many applications for micro-perforated tarpaulins. But there are two that stand out above the rest:


Micro-perforated canvas is a versatile and increasingly popular material for modern interior design.

It has become an increasingly common solution for decoration due to its durable, wear-resistant and low-maintenance properties.

The mini-perforations made in the surface allow gases or liquids to escape without damaging the material, which contributes to its resistance to moisture damage.

This makes it ideal for use as decorative panels and murals, either as the main element or as a backdrop.

In addition, it offers UV protection to protect your interior furnishings from deterioration caused by direct sunlight, thus contributing to the maintenance of the original colour purity even after many years.

Industrial use.

Micro-perforated sheeting is a tough and versatile material that is used as a means of improving productivity in a variety of industrial environments.

This tarpaulin is used as a separator or shield to isolate one area from another while allowing airflow.

Micro-perforated sheeting can be used in dust control, air filtration, equipment protection and erosion protection.

It can also be used as a barrier to prevent the spread of dust, smoke or fumes in industrial environments.

It can be used to cover equipment and machinery, as a safety layer between equipment and people to reduce the risk of injury.

In addition, they can be used to separate storage areas, industrial kitchens, work areas, etc.

Micro-perforated sheeting is used in a variety of industrial environments, whether to separate work areas, protect equipment, filter air, control dust or as a barrier to the spread of smoke or vapours.

Micro-perforated mesh tarpaulin

How micro-perforated tarpaulin is printed.

Micro-perforated tarpaulin is a high quality, lightweight and durable material, which is mainly used for outdoor applications. It is made of polypropylene coated with a water resistant acrylic coating.

Printing the micro-perforated tarpaulin is a complex process that requires a special printer with lightfast inks.

The design is first printed on a transparent film, then transferred to the micro-perforated canvas using a heat transfer process.

Once the design has been transferred, the canvas is sealed with a lacquer or varnish to increase lightfastness.

Printing with micro-perforated canvas requires a specialised system and involves a combination of advanced digital technology and specific printing processes.

Using eco solvent fade proof inks helps to ensure the durability of the printed colours.

The digital printer will drive the printhead and transfer the image to the material using technologies such as direct inkjet or dye sublimation. This ensures that the colours remain vibrant for a long time.

The end result will be a prestigious, professional and eye-catching printed product, which will certainly establish your brand above your competition.

Cheap micro-perforated tarpaulins. What they are and where to buy.

Cheap micro-perforated tarpaulins are widely available at retail outlets or through online sales sites.

These tarpaulins are strong and durable, and are affordably priced. Cheap micro-perforated tarpaulins can be found in many DIY shops and online.

They offer a good balance between low prices and good quality as they are designed to withstand the stringent technical requirements of the manufacturers.

Considerations When Using Micro-perforated Tarpaulins

When using micro-perforated tarpaulins, it is important to consider the objectives of the installation to ensure that it is optimal for the needs of the project.

These highly durable tarpaulins offer good weather protection, along with a variety of aesthetic applications such as shading.

To take full advantage of their benefits, the material and contour should be carefully evaluated based on the environment and its purpose.

It is important to select a quality tarpaulin with a warranty for best results and to invest appropriately in raw materials to avoid unnecessary costs.

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