A retractable side awning is an architectural element designed to protect a room or external area from direct sunlight.

It consists of a structure supported by rails, rods and a waterproof canvas that is rolled up and down manually or motorised.

The side retractable awning is an excellent alternative for those who wish to control the sunlight in their home or business without having to install blinds or curtains.

This solution is very practical and offers a wide variety of materials and colours to choose from. In addition, it can be installed anywhere, either on the inside or outside of a building.

It enhances the appearance of your home.

Retractable side awnings are also a great way to enhance the appearance of your home, as well as offering additional shade to keep your home and surroundings nice and cool.

This awning extends from an external awning support to the inside of the area you wish to cover, allowing you to easily switch between open or closed by telescopic rods at the ends.

The modern, retractable design of retractable side awnings makes it easy to control the amount of light that enters your patio, while giving you plenty of resistance against high winds, heavy rain and even UV rays.

They are also very cost effective compared to other types of awnings: they generally have reduced costs and lower maintenance requirements.

What is a horizontal retractable awning.

A retractable horizontal awning is a type of folding awning that extends horizontally over a given area, and can be retracted when not needed.

These awnings are commonly used to provide shade and protection from the elements, such as sun, wind and rain.

They are designed to allow light and air to circulate freely when the retractable side awning is extended and to allow it to close tightly when not in use. Many models can also be controlled by remote control for added convenience.

horizontal retractable awning

Can be disassembled and assembled.

A retractable horizontal awning is a practical way to protect from sun and rain. These products are designed to be replicable and removable, so that they can be stored away when not in use.

A retractable horizontal awning consists of a UV-resistant fabric to provide shade while keeping your view unobstructed. In addition, they are water resistant in case of light drizzle or heavy storms.

They are available in a variety of modern materials, colours and designs that make it possible to adapt them to any interior or exterior context. For this reason, they are often used as facade awnings.

It’s easy and intuitive to use a horizontal retractable awning; just flip a switch or pull the corresponding hand cord to deploy the fabric under hydraulic pressure to block even the harshest lightning strikes.

What is a transparent retractable side awning.

A transparent retractable side awning is a transparent fabric structure that extends from the side of a building or room to provide shade and sun protection, much like an extendable awning. This structure can be extended and retracted by means of a lever or motorised mechanism.

This retractable side awning can be manufactured from a variety of transparent materials such as polycarbonate, vinyl and acrylic.

This allows sunlight to enter the room without the harmful effects of UV rays. In addition, this side retractable awning can be customised to suit any architectural style.

transparent retractable side awning

Helps improve outdoor space.

A transparent retractable side awning is an incredibly convenient way to enhance outdoor space. It helps keep the temperature outside cool during the warmer months, while bringing natural light inside on cloudy or cold days.

The flexible and durable material easily rolls up like a sail awning when not in use, and its modern design will add an attractive touch to your outdoor space without disturbing your architectural style.

For example, this versatility and functionality make it ideal for both domestic and commercial use, so you can enjoy your days in the sun with complete confidence.

What a custom made retractable side awning looks like.

A custom-made retractable side awning is a specific solution to protect a side part of a terrace, porch or patio.

It is tailor-made to fit the shape and size of the side part to be protected, and can be opened and closed at will.

This solution offers sun and wind protection, as well as good privacy and a modern and attractive aesthetic.

In addition, the custom-made retractable side awning is weather and UV resistant, making it a durable and effective option for protecting the side of any home.

custom-made retractable side awning

You can tailor-make your retractable side awning according to your needs.

The custom-made retractable side awning is an ideal solution for those who want to enjoy their garden outdoors at any time of the day or night.

These awnings can be personally designed with very resistant materials, such as tarpaulins and synthetic fabrics, and adapt perfectly to your garden thanks to their metal frames.

They are perfect for a modern effect in your outdoor space without blocking natural light, and are easily retractable when you don’t need them.

Enjoy multiple moments of relaxation under the custom-made retractable side awning and enjoy the best natural environment from your home without worries.

Colours of the retractable side awnings.

Retractable side awnings are popular with vehicle owners because of their versatility and convenience.

These awnings are manufactured in a variety of vibrant colours specifically designed to withstand the harsh glare of the sun, rain and sudden changes in temperature.

Popular colours include black, pearl grey, forest green, navy blue, cream and beige. Other lush shades are also available to suit all your aesthetic needs.

retractable side awnings

Users can also additionally customise their awnings with printed canvas to better match the rest of their car.

This makes the side awnings ideal not only for comfort and efficiency but also for aesthetic purposes.

What is a retractable side awning 200×300.

The 200×300 retractable side awning is an exterior shading solution designed to protect areas from intense sun and rain.

Robustly constructed and weather resistant, the 200×300 model features a sliding mechanism that allows it to retract easily when not in use.

Thanks to its durable construction, wind resistance of up to 3 Beaufort and UV protection factor of 50+, this system offers superior all-weather protection.

It also includes a practical anchoring system for easy installation. This product is perfect for both residential and commercial projects, adding style and functionality while providing effective shade protection.

retractable side awning 200x300

Where we can use this model.

A 200×300 retractable side awning is a support structure with a water and sun resistant fabric that extends over an area of 200×300 cm.

This structure usually has a roll-up mechanism to allow the awning to retract. This allows users to take advantage of the shade and protection of the awning when desired, while at the same time allowing them to open the space when it is not needed.

The retractable side awning 200×300 is an excellent solution for outdoor areas such as patios, terraces and gardens.

Retractable side awning 200×600.

A retractable side awning 200×600 is a shading solution to provide shade and protection from the sun. It is designed to extend from the side of a building or porch to provide shade to the area.

This side retractable awning can be deployed up to a width of 200 cm and a height of 600 cm. The awning is made of sturdy, weather-resistant fabric and can be rolled up when not in use.

It is equipped with a motorised drive mechanism for easy operation. The awning is mounted on the roof and can be fully extended to provide complete shade.

side retractable 200x600

What features does this retractable side awning have.

A 200×600 retractable side awning is a durable and practical solution to provide shade and protection from the elements.

It offers the ability to adapt to sunlight and adjust to different angles without sacrificing comfort or discretion.

It is made from robust, impact, water and weather resistant materials that are also resistant to damage from intense heat.

Its ergonomic design is better contoured to ensure it is stable enough to support larger loads.

The awning is widely recognised for its exceptional stability, competitive purchase price, additional functionality and excellent outdoor space remodelling.

What we should know about the 200×400 retractable side awning.

A 200×400 retractable side awning is a rectangular structure with a sun and water resistant material under which it is placed to protect from the elements.

It is made of a sun and water resistant material, commonly canvas, and can be extended or retracted to adapt to changing weather conditions.

This structure is extended and retracted by a mechanical system consisting of a motor and a chain. The motor is controlled by a remote control to open and close the awning.

retractable side awning 200x400

The best choice for any space.

The 200×400 retractable side awning is an excellent choice for any outdoor space. Its durable, waterproof fabric provides superior protection from the elements, as well as enhancing the look of your area.

It also features easy installation, thanks to its low-profile frame that makes it easy to fit into almost any surface or architecture.

With a retraction system and manual roller, this awning offers convenience, allowing you to adjust the shade to suit your needs.

In addition, this awning has UV protection, effectively blocking harmful rays and providing ventilation on hot days.

Finally, its powder-coated aluminium frame ensures maximum durability in all weather conditions, while offering years of performance.

You know that the lidl retractable side awning is one of the most purchased awnings.

The Lidl retractable side awning is an innovative outdoor shading solution that offers a simple and effective way to protect from the elements.

Thanks to its easy-to-deploy “one-touch” system, the awning can be set up quickly and retracted with minimal effort, while providing 95% UPF protection and creating a pleasant atmosphere regardless of the weather conditions.

The awning’s high quality UV and water resistant fabric ensures it is resistant to high winds, humidity and sun exposure, making it ideal for shading terraces or gardens over a long period of time.

Designed for versatility and convenience, the awning can be wall-mounted, meaning it can be easily deployed even in confined spaces.

In addition, its telescopic side arms give it extra strength, ensuring that the fabric remains taut when retracted, so you get maximum coverage with this Lidl product.

lidl retractable side awning

Why buy a lidl retractable side awning.

Side retractable awnings are an excellent tool for those who want to create a shaded area on their patio or terrace. There are several manufacturers of retractable side awnings, but one of the most popular is Lidl.

The Lidl retractable side awning is a superior quality shade device that combines price and functionality. It is designed to withstand the harshest weather elements, such as high winds and UV rays.

It is made of a water-resistant polyester fabric with a polyurethane coating layer for added protection against the elements.

In addition, the Lidl retractable side awning comes with an anodised aluminium frame that is corrosion resistant.

The Lidl retractable side awning is easy to install. The assembly kit includes everything you need to assemble the retractable side awning.

In addition, the Lidl retractable side awning can be opened and closed with a simple turn of the handle. This means you can enjoy cool shade at any time.

side retractable awning

Endless colours.

In addition, the Lidl retractable side awning offers a variety of colour options to match the style of your patio or terrace. This allows you to customise the look of the shade to suit your taste.

In conclusion, the Lidl retractable side awning is an excellent tool for those who want to enjoy a shaded area on their patio or deck.

It is designed to provide protection from the harshest weather elements, is easy to install and comes with a variety of colour options to match the style of your patio or deck.

For all these reasons, the Lidl retractable side awning is an excellent choice for those who want to make the most of their outdoor space.

See below the Leroy Merlin retractable side awning.

The Leroy Merlin retractable side awning is a state-of-the-art design solution for shade and privacy in outdoor spaces.

This retractable side-mounted system allows users to control sunlight and provides privacy from prying eyes when needed.

With lockable poles, aluminium side brackets, galvanised steel door frames and weather-resistant polyester fabric, the retractable side-mount awning offers excellent sun protection and weather-resistant capabilities in a stylish package.

Its side mounting system significantly reduces wind loading by reducing the likelihood of collapse or damage during adverse weather conditions.

In addition, its frames incorporate special parts that speed up the installation process, and its quiet technology ensures a quiet environment even when folding and unfolding the canopy.

retractable side awning Leroy Merlin

Cutting-edge design like no other.

With its cutting-edge design, superior protection capability and convenient installation, the retractable side awning is the ideal choice for anyone looking to create a safe and welcoming outdoor space.

Leroy Merlin’s retractable side awnings are made from weather-resistant polyester fabric, which makes them ideal for outdoor use. For example, they are available in a variety of sizes, colours and styles to suit any space.

They are designed to be easily installed and removed when needed, making them perfect for providing shade and additional protection for decks, patios, gardens or other outdoor areas. Plus, most models come with LED lights to add a touch of luxury to your space.

Leroy Merlin retractable side awning price.

The price of the Leroy Merlin retractable side awning varies depending on the desired size. These can be found with adjustable aluminium slats in sizes 300cm x 250, 400cm x 250, 500cm x 250 and 600cm x 280 to allow natural light in without affecting privacy.

If you wish to include a motor for remote operation, the total price is between €150 and €450 plus tax depending on the size of the awning.

The support is corrosion resistant and the materials are durable, the edge is PVC coated to protect against sun and rain. These awnings are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and are CE certified!

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