The elements to be used in the garden are very diverse and are usually designed to create a comfortable environment for us. In this case, we are talking about a sail awning, one of the very versatile and simple types of awning that can be placed in many parts of a garden or terrace to create shady corners where you can relax.

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The sail awning is a product that is also used to organise shade on terraces or leisure facilities, among other things.

Always look for a manufacturer that offers fabrics and components of proven quality and a customised assembly and rolling technique. An awning sail is the simplest way to protect from sun and precipitation.

It is like a piece of tarpaulin, which is attached to special ridges or supports, often used to protect goods during transport, as well as to create comfortable conditions on summer terraces and in the organisation of various outdoor celebrations.

There are many ideas for covering areas and creating shadows, which is very necessary during the hottest summer days. So let’s see how this alternative can be used to take care of our environment and what benefits it has.

How triangular sail awnings are organised.

Sail awnings are a very simple type of awning made of a good material that is resistant to external influences. Awnings of this type must be strong enough to withstand temperature fluctuations and outdoor living conditions.

It is important that we choose the right shade sail awnings and consider whether they are the best system of protection against the sun hitting the area. Many different types of awnings can be used for this purpose.

This type of awning is simple, made of good materials and has great versatility as it is available in many sizes and can be easily installed.

triangular sail awning

The sail awning is the ultimate technique for creating the shade needed in a variety of landscapes and sub-urban areas.

Sail awnings are a high quality structure made of a material that does not allow light and water to pass through and withstands extreme wind pressures.

Such a product implies placement in any environment, making it a favourite tool for architects and landscape architects.

The sail awning holds the leading position among all awning designs. Such systems can protect from the sun a favourite place of rest, garden furniture in a country house, a platform for organising a celebration…

One of the main advantages is that the sail awning does not “steal” space, thanks to the engineering of its cover, which is mounted well above ground level.

Therefore, the installation of this type of awning does not interfere with the view, the area remains open for viewing from any angle.

How to install sail awnings.

This type of awning is easy to install, which allows us to have shade in summer in the garden and to remove the awning without difficulty when the winter season arrives. So we can enjoy the fresh air outdoors.

There are several types, as some are sold with anchors for mounting on walls or in places where a canopy can be secured.

There are also those with masts that have anchors to which the canopy is attached with the whole structure.

Although the latter are more cumbersome, they can be a good option if we do not have parts to fix these points for the awning. The end result is a shaded area with a beautiful and carefree canopy.

Find a specialist to install your awning.

Since sail awnings are considered to be a complex engineering structure, you should look for specialists who independently carry out a precise calculation of all loads and fulfil orders of any complexity.

For the perfect tensioning of all tarpaulins, manufacturers place all components very precisely. When placing an order, the total amount of accessories and single metal parts that make up the shade structure must be carefully taken into account.

What components are included in the sail awning.

The sail awnings include:

  • Awning for sails.
  • Prefabricated frame or racks with cable-supported structures.
  • Foundation or fixing system to an existing structure.
  • Mounting parts.

Panel segments are patterns that are cut on the machine, where the assembly marks are traced on the canvas.

Manufacturers connect all parts clearly according to the markings, which ensures high durability of the seams.

waterproof sail awning

All sail awnings are usually exclusive and must be manufactured strictly according to the customer’s wishes, taking into account all aspects of the installation area.

For example, the manufacturer must always provide an individual layout of the sail awning with a detailed development of all sections: the base, candlesticks and brackets.

Preliminary coordination is necessary to create a secure structure, harmonious in composition and consistent with the site design.

Materials for the manufacture of this type of awning.

The most durable materials are used for the production of this product. The metal frame of the awnings is usually made of steel and the fabric is made of high quality PVC.

bauhaus sail awning

Shade sails or canopy sails are shade sheds, reminiscent of the sail of a yacht. Shade sails can have three, four or more corners.

They protect quite large areas of summer cafés, terraces, swimming pools, beach areas and water parks from rain and sunlight.

In addition, with their help, you can make a canopy over the stage or dance floor. The original design and variety of shades make this product extremely popular wherever a light and elegant canopy is needed.

Sail awning structures.

The structure of such an awning is actually like a sail that does not need to be pulled between the supporting parts, which provides more opportunities for use even in playgrounds or suburban areas. For this type of structure, it is not necessary to build a base, it can be installed anywhere.

There is a possibility to buy a sail awning offering structures of various shapes and sizes, mobile and stationary.

The main factor that unites all awning structures is a waterproof fabric with a dense structure that scatters sunlight to prevent ultraviolet radiation from entering.

This material needs no additional care, is easy to clean and maintains an aesthetic appearance for a long time. An important aspect of the sail awning is that, unlike other awning complexes, it does not heat up.

awning sail

They must also be:

  • With high resistance.
  • Not to heat up and not to fade when exposed to direct sunlight.
  • Require no additional care.
  • Quick installation.
  • Ease of control design.
  • Wide selection of shapes and sizes.
  • Wide variety of colours.
  • Light weight.
  • Sleek and modern design.

Sail awning for sun protection.

It is a triangular structure with metal rings for fastening. Square-shaped canvas with metal rings for fastening.

Sail awnings look like they are sailing in the sun. They are also the most economical, compact when folded, easy to assemble on any terrain.

Sail awning for tents.

There is a wide variety of awnings. Manufacturers regularly use the term combined awning-canopy to define the category of this product, which combines the functions of an awning and a tent.

This protective awning is a lightweight canopy against precipitation. A modern tent is a quick-assembly product, consisting of a frame and a canopy.

rectangular sail awning

Therefore, the tent is also an awning, which is mounted on a special frame. A wide range with different characteristics will allow each customer to choose a unique model. These structures can be used at any time of the year, as they are universal.

Where we can mount the sail awning.

Sail awning structures are universal and can be mounted in various ways:

  • To the facade of an existing building;
  • To a tree (for temporary use only!);
  • To pillars.

Depending on the location and destination, awning sails are made of dense PVC material and shade netting.

Canopies made of tent fabric and PVC fabric should have an angle of inclination of at least 25 degrees to avoid the possibility of precipitation accumulation and deformation of the fabric.

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The mesh shade sail does not retain water, however, this is not a disadvantage, but on the contrary, the advantage of the shade sail awning is that there is no need to remove it during a prolonged period of rain.

Three options of awnings for beach, pool, grounds. The structures are also suitable for temporary parking in the tourist area.

Multiple complex application of each option on the territory of the beach or summer terrace of the restaurant will ensure the attractiveness of the object and ease of use for the intended purpose.

Fields of application of awning sails.

As mentioned above, canopy sails have a wide range of applications. From these, you can make a canopy for a country house, both over its entrance and in separate areas of the local area.

This design is indispensable over a platform with a swimming pool. It will protect from the sun, allowing you to use the pool at any time of the day.

Such canopies are installed on open playgrounds in children’s institutions, adjacent playgrounds and other places.

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Shaded canopies for the beach will make your stay on the beach more comfortable, protecting it from direct sunlight.

Sails of various sizes and colours will give an original look to the territory of the water park and the open area of the hotel, boarding house or sanatorium.

The unusual design in the form of a candle will make the canopy over the stage or dance floor a real creation and an outstanding decorative element in the amusement park or outdoor area of the entertainment centre.

Benefits of having an awning with these characteristics.

Carefree atmosphere:

One of the things that these great candle canopies bring to the table is that they are the perfect element to create a relaxed atmosphere. These awnings have a very popular bohemian touch for gardens that have this style.

They are by no means the most classic, so they are perfect for our garden. Undoubtedly, this type of awning can help us to create a special touch and create a differentiated space in the garden.

Versatile design:

Another thing about these great awnings is that they can be really versatile. They are awnings that are installed entirely on the square, tied at certain points. This way we get a design that always adapts perfectly to what we need.

You must find the ideal size and the points where the canopy will be attached. Thanks to this, we will know the most suitable measurements for our garden or terrace. This versatility makes this type of awning a good option for all types of spaces.

bricodepot sail awning

Elegance and modernity:

The sail awnings have an avant-garde and modern style that we like very much. They are a kind of garden huts that we use to create original spaces. While we have plenty of space to create shadows in certain areas, we like the overhangs.

These angles are great and the modern touch is perfect with their simple angles. It is an elegant type of awning because of its simplicity, so it adapts to a multitude of spaces.

Price of the sail awning.

The price of shade structures depends on the materials and equipment used, their quality and ability to withstand wind.

For a detailed calculation, taking into account all details, you can contact the manufacturers via their websites.

Their main task is to facilitate the customer’s choice and personal selection of the optimal awning according to all criteria.

Details about manufacturers and companies of sail awnings.

In the market you always look for companies that occupy a leading position, due to the fact that absolutely any item is in stock, and they usually have a team of experienced employees who take care of the most complex and original orders.

What these manufacturers should bring to our customers:

  • Always looking for the benefit of customers.
  • Guarantee of high quality.
  • All the latest news appear immediately in your catalogues.
  • Qualified staff and a high level of customer orientation.
  • Wide range of colours.
  • The possibility to apply inscriptions, logos and drawings to the canvas.
  • Employees who value every customer.
  • Good price range.

Nautical awnings.

Nautical sail awnings are a non-standard type of awning, which is implemented in unusual places. For example, if there is a triangular or difficult to access area, where the sun and rainfall can enter freely, it can be closed only with this type of awning.

These awnings are most often used for summer houses, country houses or to protect gazebos, cafés, swimming pools…

There is also the installation of this type of awning in open areas or near buildings, to replace pavilions and benches.

The benefit of this type of construction is the feeling of closeness and blending in with the environment.

Despite the simplicity of execution, nautical sail awnings provide perfect protection from precipitation and sunlight.

Thanks to all of the above bonuses, nautical tents are highly valued at outdoor ceremonies, and the usual free day with the family can turn into a great celebration!

sail awnings 1

How to buy a nautical sail awning?

An assembly of this design consists of masts on which the tarpaulin is stretched. The entire structure is opened by means of a gearbox, on which the material is rolled up.

Specialists offer a wide range of navigation systems. This will conceal a large area with one product.

For more detailed information, it is important to familiarise yourself with the product range on the manufacturers’ websites.

If you are interested in a type of sail awning, you can leave a request in the contact section of these websites.

For more information about the dimensions and types of sail awnings, you can also contact them.

Benefits of the nautical sail awning.

Original nautical awnings in the shape of a sail fit in well with any modern building, both residential and commercial: cafés, restaurants, etc. They are most often used for decoration and sun protection in open areas.

They also look spectacular in the interiors of large shopping and entertainment centres, covered with transparent domes. Several small sails can be combined in a single composition.

The elegant and modern sail awning has many utilitarian advantages. First of all, it should be noted that it protects from the sun, does not heat up and creates an undesirable greenhouse effect. The following qualities are also worth mentioning:

  • The appearance of the awning does not change over time, as the material does not fade under the influence of the sun, it remains just as bright and spectacular.
  • It does not let rain through due to its high water resistance.
  • It is available in a wide range of colours and shades, you can choose in shape and size.
  • Perfectly combined with each other, creating any composition;
  • Images can be applied to the sail awning, both ordinary drawings and advertising.
  • The material is very easy to care for: easy to clean, not susceptible to fungal infections.
  • Such awnings will delight with freshness and beauty for many years, creating the most comfortable conditions for relaxing in their shade.

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