Steps to hire electricity in your new home?

Hiring electricity is a necessary procedure to be able to enjoy electrical service in your home and all the benefits that this entails. Keep reading.

The processes required to contract electricity when you arrive at your new home.

When you decide to move to a new home and need to contract electricity, the experts who work in electricity companies provide you with advice -at no cost-, to inform you of all the requirements and how you should carry out the procedures.

The steps to manage the electricity contract in this year 2023 when you buy or rent a new home are:

The first thing you should do is analyze all the rates offered by the different marketers. For this you can access the light comparators that exist.
Choose the rate that best suits you. The one with the lowest cost according to the type of power that has been contracted and your consumption needs.
Contact the electric company you have selected.
Submit the documents and information that are required of you.

They are very simple steps and you will be very kindly guided by the advisers of the electric power companies.

Requirements demanded by the light companies to contract the supply of electricity in this year 2023.

Any contract must be guaranteed by legal and updated documents. Therefore, locate:

  • Your ID along with your full name.
  • The address of your new home.
  • The electrical power that has been contracted (in kW).
  • the CUPS.
  • The deed that accredits you as the owner of the house or the contract where it is stated that you are rented there.
  • The Electric Bulletin.
  • Your bank account information.
  • The photocopy of the property documents or the rental contract.

The documentation must be previously completed, to then go to the company and request the electric power contract.

How much does this procedure cost?

The cost of contracting electricity is not unique, it will depend on the rate you select and the offers of the company you decide to take to provide you with the service. It is important that you keep in mind the two modalities of this market in Spain. There are two, the regulated and the free.

Regulated market.

As its name indicates, the regulated market is controlled by the Spanish government through the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism. The cost of this market is called PVPC, which means “Voluntary Price to the Small Consumer”. It can only be contracted by people who have an electrical power equal to or less than 10 kW in their homes.

For this type of market, only 8 companies are designated by the government and you have to have the “digital light meter”. This instrument has the ability to read your electricity consumption.

Free market.

Within the free market rates there are some with prices that remain stable. Some of them are:

  1. The company Endesa, the name of the rate “One Luz”:
  • Price 1: 0.0966 euros per kW per day.
  • Price 2: 0.0225 euros per kW per day.

The company HolaLuz, the name of the “Classic” rate:

  • Price 1: 0.0651 euros per kW per day.
  • Price 2: 0.0028 euros per kW per day.

The company Iberdrola, the name of the rate “Stable Plan”:

  • Peak price: 0.0888 euros per kW per day.
  • Valley price: 0.0112 euros per kW per day.

The Repsol company, the name of the “Savings plus” rate:

  • Price 1: 0.081918 euros per kW per day.

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