There are a lot of awnings that can be useful, but now we will talk about the veranda awning. This great awning is special for covering your common areas that are outdoors and keep them cool without having to cover everything completely.

Moreover, you can find cheap veranda awnings at prices that can make you consider buying them. In the process of building or fixing up their own home, many people think about creating a veranda.

However, to make your stay on it as comfortable and pleasant as possible at any time of the year and in any weather conditions, you should also take care of installing awning over the veranda. Let me show you in more detail about the features and types of such awnings.

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What is a conservatory awning?

The waterproof veranda awning is a type of awning that works with a motor, which is used to retract and extend the motorised veranda awning.

This motor works with a control, which activates internal pistons that make the awning extend.

Both the mechanism and the awning are fully protected by being stored in a box, so you don’t have to worry about the awning getting damaged. This is a great accessory for your common areas, and can make your home more comfortable.

Peculiarities of this type of awning.

A canopy over a terrace or veranda awning of a country or private house performs a number of functional tasks.

Firstly, they include:

  • Protection of the terrace area from unwanted sunlight (this is especially true for bars, dance floors);
  • Protecting vehicles from overheating in direct sunlight;
  • Creating a comfortable shaded seating area.

What are the uses of veranda awnings?

Veranda awnings can have a number of uses that may be of interest to you.

The motorised veranda awning is an item that has many advantages of use. As it is motorised, it is not complicated to extend and store it when it is needed or not.

You can have this awning in outdoor locations and use it to cover areas such as porches, open verandas, pergolas, among others.

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Materials used in the manufacture of the veranda awning.

Today on the market you can find a wide variety of types of awnings for a veranda attached to a house.

Thus, wrought iron, metal, glass, fabric, transparent, aluminium and some other varieties are popular. Let us consider them in more detail.


Metal is a fairly common material that is often used to create veranda awnings for terraces. The most important positive characteristics of such structures include the fact that they serve for a long time.

You can create such a canopy both with the help of specialists and with your own hands (for example, using metal pipes).

However, for independent construction of such a canopy, you must have the skills of a welder.

In addition, it should be noted that metal structures of veranda canopies may be affected by corrosion (therefore, it is not recommended to install them in regions that are characterised by high air humidity and frequent rainfall).

It is also important to note that nowadays it is customary to create awning structures not only of metal, but also to combine this material with other materials (e.g. polycarbonate).

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Glass is one of the most popular materials for awnings. At the same time, for the manufacture of such structures, traditionally used not ordinary glass, which is characterised by a high level of fragility, but more durable and reliable varieties of material.

At the same time, one should take into account the fact that such improved glass is quite expensive, respectively, veranda awning for terrace made of such material will not be affordable for all people (in this regard, one should take into account the social and economic status of the person).

In addition to the high cost, another major drawback of this canopy must be taken into account, namely a lot of weight. In this respect, the canopy supports must be particularly strong.

On the other hand, in addition to the negative characteristics, it is possible to highlight the existing advantages, thanks to which the glass awning structure is very popular among consumers.

Let us consider them in more detail.

  • Transparency. Thanks to this feature, the terrace remains quite bright, but at the same time does not experience the negative effects of sunlight on the human body: no overheating, no skin burns.
  • Sustainability. As mentioned above, the glass used for the manufacture of the veranda awning is characterised by increased durability. Thus, it does not deform under the action of ultraviolet rays and also shows resistance to mechanical damage (e.g. scratches) and aggressive chemical compounds.
  • Modern design. Glass awnings are popular, among other things, because of their aesthetically appealing appearance, which corresponds to all modern design trends.


To create a veranda awning, fabric is rarely used, most consumers prefer more reliable materials (especially when it comes to capital construction). On the other hand, a fabric awning is perfect for mobile terraces.

Fabric veranda awnings protect the terrace area well from precipitation and bright sun. In addition, they can be mounted on a roll and straightened only if necessary (in addition, the canopy can be unfolded either manually or by installing a specially designed automatic system).


A veranda awning structure made of boards is a design that you can make with your own hands. In this case, you can use any boards you have at your disposal.

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A popular type of wooden awning structure is the so-called pergola, which is structurally a roof made of boards parallel to each other.

It should be noted that such a design will not protect the terrace from precipitation. On the other hand, such a canopy has an attractive and unusual appearance.

Types of veranda awnings.

Due to the great popularity, wide distribution and demand for veranda awnings for terraces among a wide range of consumers, manufacturers today offer a wide variety of structures of this type.

  • Folding/folding canopy. Such a folding structure is perfect for those who are not ready for the capital construction of a canopy. The most important advantages of this option include the fact that (if you wish) you can transfer it from one place to another or even take it with you on a trip.
  • Sliding / sliding. Unlike the awning described above, this structure cannot be moved. However, you can move and push the veranda awning yourself (its top), so that, if you wish, you can sunbathe on the open terrace or enjoy the shade and coolness during an outdoor family dinner in the countryside.
  • Roller blind. Roller conservatory awnings can be rolled up (hence the name of this type of awning). Due to its design, such an awning is similar to a sliding version.

Thanks to a wide range of designs, each user can choose for himself the model that best suits his individual needs and wishes.

How to make a conservatory awning?

If you decide to make a veranda awning for the terrace with your own hands, to build the structure quickly and efficiently, you should follow the advice and recommendations of experts.

Depending on your wishes and skills, you can use stone, brick, wood as a material for pillars and an awning. However, the most popular in this regard is polycarbonate.

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First of all, you must prepare the right set of tools:

  • metal tubes (you can also use corners);
  • polycarbonate sheets;
  • welding device;
  • grinder for cutting;
  • drill;
  • self-tapping screws and anchor bolts.

In the next step, you should draw up a plan, project and drawing, in which case you should first carefully carry out all the measurements. Remember that the final result of your work will depend on how accurately you draw up a project.

Then you can proceed directly to the construction.

Then, to begin with, it is necessary to cut all parts of the polycarbonate sheets, which will later serve as a structure.

In addition (according to the plan you have made earlier), the polycarbonate sheets should be connected to pipes or corners (before combining the structure, you should fix the pipes or corners in their places).

After completing all the preliminary work, you can proceed with the final installation of the canopy.

At the end of the construction, do not forget to decorate and decorate the structure, so you can use live or artificial plants, art objects, paintings, sculptures, textiles or any other element to your taste.

Veranda awning. Opinions and characteristics.

Veranda awnings online have very good reviews regarding their performance, moreover, they are easy to use.

The veranda awning is also waterproof thanks to its acrylic fabric, this is something extremely advantageous, since there is no need to worry about it being damaged by the rain.

Veranda awnings also come in a wide range of colours and sizes to choose from. They can cover large spaces, they also have a nice look that can add a nice aesthetic touch to your common areas.

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How good are leroy merlin veranda awnings?

These awnings are an excellent product when it comes to keeping your communal areas cool, as they do not allow the areas where they are used to accumulate a lot of heat thanks to the fact that they cover evenly. It is also a great aesthetic accessory.

A great advantage of such awnings is their ability to stay in good condition for a long time.

In addition, the higher the quality of the awning fabric, the more heat it absorbs, which is a great feature when installing the veranda awning somewhere with glass windows, as it does not allow high temperatures to build up.

In which spaces is it advisable to use the veranda awning?

Surely, when you have an area such as a porch, outdoor veranda, pergolas, among other spaces facing the outside, you have had the problem that you do not get a good way to make these areas feel cool.

This is because most of these places are exposed, and the veranda awning offers you the option to solve the temperature problem.

You can use the veranda awnings to make the common areas that are exposed, like the vertical awning, regulate their temperature much better, rejecting up to 95% of the heat.

Motorized veranda awning price and where to buy them.

To get this great product you can look for veranda awnings online at Leroy Merlin, here you can find them at great affordable prices.

Also, you can buy them in various sizes, models, materials and colours so you can choose what you like best.

These awnings can make your home, a more comfortable place, in addition to adding a touch of style where you want to install it.

In addition to being able to get the motorized veranda awning at a very good price and Leroy Merlin shows you all the offers and its best advantages.

How to install a veranda awning?

Awnings of this type can work in any season of the year, giving you the security of having it in any situation.

When they are installed, 7 centimetres should be left between the enclosure and the canvas, which will allow the air to flow and keep the heat out of the protected area.

They should be installed in the best location, as poor positioning can lead to the area where they are installed becoming unpleasant. It is also recommended to leave the opening facing outwards.

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Veranda awning. Opinions and materials they are made of.

This awning offers you a large number of options so that you can choose which materials are the best for the areas you have chosen for its installation.

This information is very useful when purchasing these types of awnings, as it depends a lot on the quality of the material to know in which area it is advisable to install it.

This type of awning can be made of acrylic fabrics with seam binding, which greatly helps to prevent the awning from opening.

You should try to find suppliers who know how to work with this type of product and ensure that the veranda awnings they manufacture are of good quality.

In addition, their mechanism is made of aluminium, which makes them lightweight, making them easier to store and extend.

Veranda awning prices – what are the advantages of getting one?

After purchasing this awning there can be a lot of advantages. Below you will see some of them.

  • The areas where you install these awnings will stay cool in the hot seasons.
  • These types of awnings can add a touch of aesthetics to your home thanks to their beautiful design.
  • They come in a number of sizes, materials and designs so you can choose which one would suit you best.
  • You can buy motorised veranda awnings online at a good price from shops like Leroy Merlin.

Now that you know all this information, you can decide more calmly if you really need a motorised conservatory awning. Also, you already know about its quality, installation and even where to get it, so when you buy your own veranda awning you will be able to choose the best, as well as knowing where and how to install it.

We hope that our article has helped you greatly and you can make your home spaces more comfortable.

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