The window awning is popular in both urban architecture and suburban construction. This is an elegant decoration of the facade and a brilliant detail in the appearance of the building.

In an urban environment, window awnings focus on themselves and allow the customer to quickly find the right shop, restaurant, lounge or café.

Of course, the advertising and aesthetic function is important, but above all, the window awning is a protection against sun, dirt, rain and dust.

What is a window awning.

A window awning is a special type of awning, the purpose of which is to protect the windows of premises and houses from the sun’s rays. Window awning reliably protects windows, balconies, windows of cafes and restaurants.

Every person dreams of beauty and comfort in his home, sometimes to create them, it is enough to make a little effort: to choose the right sun protection accessories for windows.

Awnings will be an excellent choice, they will not only eliminate intrusive bright rays and prevent furniture from fading, but also make the facade of the house more attractive.

window awning

Window awning What are the current designs and applications?

Window awnings are structures made of stainless aluminium and an awning, which are installed over the window opening and allow you to protect the room from the sun without restricting visibility.

Usually, this type of awning has a sliding frame that is fixed to the outside wall of the building with the help of brackets.

To some extent, the design resembles roller blinds, it can be detached, lowered or reclined (depending on the type of awning).

As a rule, the window awning is installed once, when the cold weather arrives, it is simply folded up.

Some models are equipped with electric drive, others with mechanical drive. Control sensors and remote control allow you to change the angle of the awning in a mobile way.

The window awning becomes a building decoration, looks great and is easy to use. Mounted on a private house, mansion or apartment building.

Materials for the manufacture of window awnings.

The awning over the window is subject to intensive operational loads, therefore, for its manufacture exceptionally durable wear-resistant fabrics are selected. The shading material can usually withstand extreme temperatures.

Today, for these purposes, mainly fabrics with polyacrylic yarns, which have a Teflon coating, are used. As a result, they can operate in the range of -30 to +80 °C.

Modern window awning fabrics are able to block up to 96% of ultraviolet radiation and at the same time make it possible to see what is happening outside the window and make it impossible to see outside.

The rigid elements of these sun protection structures can be made of metal, natural wood and various polymers. There is also the possibility of creating a sail awning for windows or a folding arm awning.

Electric window awnings:

Some awning models can be equipped with an automatic control system, which can make operation much easier.

This option is often chosen when the window awnings are located in areas that are difficult to access and are difficult to adjust.

The automatic system can be controlled by key, remote control or the “Smart Home” system.

Types of window awning markings.

  • Dome, basket. They have a semicircular appearance, often used by various companies and institutions as an additional decoration of the building.
  • Vertical roll. Used instead of curtains and blinds.
  • Marquis of Phalarm. Affordable and easy-to-use awning that creates shade in a window or shop window. Also called a lever folding visor.
  • Marquisoleto. This mechanism can be detached both at an angle and vertically. With the help of a similar design of rotating lever, it is possible to adjust the passage of sunlight and the viewing angle.
  • Awnings for glass terraces, gardens, conservatories. They provide soft light and a pleasant coolness. Used on sloping glass roofs.
  • Awnings for skylights. Made of fibreglass with PVC coating. Helps against very strong scorching sun by reflecting the sun’s rays.

Classification of window awning structures.

Window awnings are placed outside the wall of the building, the structure itself (frame + fabric + additional mechanisms) is light and reliable.

The acrylic fabric used in this type of awning is waterproof and fade-resistant (temperature range -30° to 50°).

Window awnings differ in the type of structures:

  • Lever roll (design with a shaft on which the material and brackets are wound; rotation of the shaft allows you to position the awning at a certain angle);
  • Rolled (simplified version of lever-rolled structures, window awnings do not have folding arms);
  • Basket awnings (the frame consists of arches and a rotating shaft, a special cable is pulled through the arches, with its help the control is carried out);
  • Vertical awning (the most convenient mechanisms of lever-roll nature, which awning can rise (fall) vertically, form a visor, bend at an angle);
  • Cassette retractable awning (an advanced modification that can extend from a compact body and change the angle of inclination. This design can be adapted to almost any facade);
  • Cassette awnings (have an integrated drainage and have an improved protection of all structural elements).

For some types of awnings, wind resistance is important. This is especially true for structures designed for winter gardens and terraces.

Installing a window awning.

In most cases, the installation and assembly of the window awning system is done only once, and then, in the cold season, the awning is simply folded up. The window awning is mounted with special brackets.

The frame of the window awning is made of aluminium, which is not subject to corrosion and is lightweight.

The maximum height of the awning, as well as its removal from the building wall, is 120 cm, and the maximum width can be up to 4 m.

install window awning

Main installation of the assembly.

The most important component of the window awning is its movable awning, which provides shade and protection from the sun.

In order for the window awning to be able to fold quietly, it is equipped with a special ledge, which in turn is equipped with an electric drive.

However, there are exceptions with a mechanical drive. In this case, the window awning can be stopped in any convenient position.

The current level of technological development also makes it possible to equip the awnings with remote controls and sensors that monitor the strength of the wind and the intensity of solar radiation.

The latter two sensors can automatically retract the awning in strong wind or, conversely, unfold it in sunny weather.

This is of course very convenient, especially if the owners are often away for long periods of time.

In addition, such a system can independently change the angle of inclination according to the angle at which the sun’s rays fall.

Alternative to normal window awning installation.

One of the varieties of window awnings is a vertical awning. This version of the awning will be the best option when used on the facades of several buildings, both office and residential.

Such an awning is a special curtain made of fabric with good water-repellent properties, which protects well from sunlight, reflecting it almost entirely.

At the same time, such an awning does not impede air movement and it is not necessary to install an air conditioner in the room.

As a rule, these vertical window awnings are manufactured in widths from 1.5 m to 4 m, and the frame is made of aluminium or stainless steel.

Such an awning is ideal for a room with large windows or showcases. In addition, it is easily adjustable in height and can be left in any convenient position.

Benefits of buying a window awning:

  • Sun protection and large area of coverage: creates shading on a hot, sunny day;
  • Uses a lightweight and durable frame made of extruded aluminium;
  • Rain resistance;
  • High fire safety;
  • The possibility of using automation;
  • Long service life;

Amazon window awnings

Amazon window awnings.

Amazon window awnings are a stylish addition to the exterior of your building. They will help to create an individual and unique look for a home, café, mini hotel, boutique, salon and other places.

The shape of the window significantly affects the overall appearance of the window awning. Of all the options, Amazon window awnings are the most popular now.

These are designs with a special mechanism that allows the fabric to roll up on an axis, folding inside the awning, or move forward, taking a standard shape. They are controlled by a remote control or built-in smart sensors.

Types of Amazon window awnings:

  • Rectangular window awnings in standard/original widths;
  • Awnings for arched windows;
  • Awnings for panoramic windows and display windows;

Amazon sells models of horizontal and vertical window awnings in a wide variety of designs to suit individual dimensions and building architecture.

These Amazon window awnings differ:

  • By the type of installation;
  • Opening method;
  • Fabric properties;

Leroy Merlin window awning.

Leroy Merlin window awnings are one of the simplest types of awnings. Therefore, it is also one of the most versatile solutions. The range of Leroy Merlin window awnings is quite wide.

They are mounted on windows, balconies and entrance groups from the outside. Leroy Merlin window awnings are installed directly on the facade of the building and give it a modern and respectable appearance.

Leroy Merlin window awning

These awnings can be used all year round, they are not afraid of rain or wind. The maximum height of the enclosed area for window awnings is 2.4 m, and the overhang of the elbow is 1.2 m.

Window awnings leroy merlin.

Practicality is one of the main characteristics of the leroy merlin window bonnets. They do not fade in the sun and are not affected by bad weather. Ease of use makes these leroy merlin window bonnets an indispensable synonym for comfort.

In just a few seconds, you can partially or fully open the awning from the control panel or manually, hiding from the sun’s rays.

And because of their unbeatable appearance and the possibility of choosing bright colours, the awnings won’t let you down even on a bad, cloudy day.

Window bonnets leroy merlin

Leroy Merlin window awnings are available with an open front profile that can be painted in any colour to create a unique design.

In addition, you can print a logo or advertising message on the fabric, additionally stating your business.

Flat window awnings.

Flat window awnings are a type of curtain or blind used to block direct sunlight, maintain privacy and provide an additional layer of protection from the weather.

These awnings are generally made of materials that are weather-resistant, such as heavy-duty canvas, aluminium, polycarbonate and fabric.

Flat window awnings also offer a way to customise the appearance of the window, as they are available in a variety of colours and styles.

These awnings can be installed temporarily, permanently or as a wall-mounted solution. They should be installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that they are safe and functional.

Advantages of buying ikea window awnings.

  • Attractive appearance. Sun protection accessories become a bright element of facade design.
  • Variety of colour solutions. The window awning can contrast with the facade in colour or blend in with it in tone.
  • Excellent protection against overheating. Ikea window awnings are a reliable barrier to solar radiation. By reflecting it, they maintain the shade and coolness of the interior space. Energy efficiency is considerably improved.
  • Ensure a good view from the window. If curtains and blinds block the view from the windows, Ikea window awnings do not interfere with observing what is happening on the street.

ikea window awnings

  • Adaptability to the needs of the owners. In the manufacture of the structure, the characteristics of the building and the needs of the client must be taken into account.
  • Ease of use. Ikea window awnings are easy to fold, for this purpose they are equipped with special mechanisms, sometimes with automatic operation and light sensor.
  • The possibility of drawing advertising information. On Ikea window awnings placed over the windows of shops, restaurants, cafes, the name of the institution, logos of the represented brands and corporate slogan are placed.
  • The awning fabric is made of acrylic yarn with additional antibacterial and water-repellent impregnation and has such characteristics as durability, a high degree of water resistance and strength. Such fabric does not fade for a long time, retains its original shape and appearance.

Awnings for verandas: Types, characteristics and scope.

Blinds, roller blinds, curtains and opaque films are not always suitable for shading interior spaces. In these cases, it is recommended to install bay window awnings on windows to provide protection from the sun.

The advantage of these structures is that they keep out direct sunlight and at the same time allow plenty of natural light into the room.

In addition, bay window awnings, unlike blinds and curtains, do not block the view from the window, which is why they are actively used in the hotel business.

Since the invention of the first protective structure of this type, the range of these products has expanded significantly and today allows many more tasks to be solved.

Protection from the sun while maintaining a good illumination of the interior with natural light is the main objective and advantage of conservatory awnings.

Conservatory awnings

However, these designs have a number of additional advantages:

  • It effectively shades the space in front of the windows and provides protection from rain, which the owners of street cafés use with pleasure;
  • It serves as an excellent place for advertising, which commercial representatives have long taken into account and is actively used in practice;
  • Protects from wind, washed dirt and dust;
  • Decorates the facades of buildings and creates an atmosphere conducive to recreation;
    Conservatory awnings have a wide range of applications.

Owners of commercial premises on the first floors of buildings have long appreciated gazebo awnings.

These structures allow you to advertise goods and services, protect yourself from the scorching sun and at the same time not close the windows, which in these cases act as shop windows.

The disadvantages of these products include the time-consuming adjustment of awnings without automation.

Types of window awnings

Types of window awnings.

Generally, the window awning is selected taking into account the architecture of the buildings and the individual operating characteristics.

Over the years of existence of these products, many new types of window awning have appeared, some of which have little in common with the basic modification.

End users have benefited from the increased range, giving them the opportunity to choose the ideal sun shading option:

  • A direct (horizontal) window awning is one of the most common modifications, the design of which in many cases allows you to adjust the shaded area at your own discretion.
  • A number of these products are complemented by roll models.
  • In the closed state, straight/horizontal awnings are lowered along the window openings, and when opened, the awning is raised and fixed at a certain angle.
  • Tilted window awnings are sometimes classified as a separate type of window awning, but this is not true, as they belong to a series of straight/horizontal products.

Vertical window awning:

  • This modification is essentially an external curtain or external roller blinds.
  • The series is represented by models with a round or completely closed box, behind which there is a protective fabric.
  • There are also vertical window awnings of this type with the possibility of rigid attachment of curtains to vertical guides.
  • Such types of window awnings are characterised by a better wind resistance.

Advantages of the canopy window awning:

  • It is a classic and very popular modification, which is considered the most beautiful and elegant of all existing protective structures of this type.
  • The window canopy awning can also be called a dome awning. Both names refer to the same type of protective structures.
  • These products have a folding frame and, when closed, resemble a corrugated cardboard casing.

Homemade window awning:

  • Designs of this type allow you to store plants during the heat of summer.
  • It is thanks to these models of home window awning that it is possible to more effectively regulate the flow of sunlight into rooms with plants.
  • The model is selected according to the design of the room.
  • Currently, there are several options available for such a home window awning, with a curve along the gable, vertical and horizontal.
  • A distinctive feature of this line is that the protective fabric is able to transmit UV rays, which are necessary to ensure the vital activity of plants.

External window awnings.

External window awnings are one of the simplest and, at the same time, original means of sun protection, creating shade without restricting visibility.

External window awnings perfectly protect everything underneath from the sun’s rays, but also create shade for the window or door, providing a pleasant indoor climate.

As a rule, the vertical window awning is mounted on a sliding frame attached to the wall of the building.

Depending on the chosen version of the awning, it can be lowered, reclined or detached. And as a result of these actions, a shade will be formed which, as a result, will be a protection against the sun. This operating principle differs from the well-known principle of roller blinds and roller shutters.

window canopy awning

Window canopy awnings.

Window bonnet awnings are made of fabric, with a cap that covers the upper part of the window, in the colour of the logo or in a playful stripe, with a fringe that sways in the wind… The awning gives the building a playful, relaxed, original look.

Any restaurateur or owner of his own café knows the existence of a structure like awnings for windows.

Most people who see window canopy awnings on a building will immediately associate them with public restoration and narrow European streets.

However, such functional decorations are not just the prerogative of the owners of their own bakeries and other “delicious” establishments. Today, canopy awnings for windows are used everywhere:

  • For private homes;
  • In apartment buildings;
  • For public buildings;
  • For companies, shops, halls providing various services.

More information about window awnings.

There is a wide range of window canopy awnings on the market with operating mechanisms of varying complexity and rigidity, ranging from those resembling roller blinds to special designs with additional fabric tensioning and release systems.

Light in appearance and neat in fact, canopy window awnings will become a serious obstacle to protect windows from negative environmental influences.

Modern designs of this type of window awning are intended for optimal protection against UV radiation and for more severe tests: sudden gusts of wind, hailstorms, heavy snowfall.

Depending on your specific case, the number and size of windows, the main and additional purpose of the window awning, the type of fabric selected, the price of your order will also change.

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