The extendable awning is now an indispensable element in almost every private home. After all, sometimes you want to sit on an open terrace with a blue sky and the sun above you, and when it starts to get hot or rainy, simply open the folded system.

extendable awning arm

These designs protect windows, shop windows, street shops, terraces, cafés and other establishments from the rain and the rays of the scorching sun. In fact, extendable awnings cover the places where you need to create shade. The design works on the principle of an “arm” or bending support.

What is an extendable awning?

Stretch awnings are mounted especially on terraces and inner courtyards of houses, but also on the terraces of restaurants or cafés.

They provide shade for large areas and also protect against UV radiation. They can be retracted and allow the light level under the canopy to be adjusted thanks to the articulated arm.

Extendable awnings, or as they are called, elbow awnings, have a number of advantages, the main one of which is the material used in their manufacture, namely a special sun-resistant and waterproof acrylic fabric.

awnings prices with extendable arms

Manufacturers offer a wide range of colour palettes, which will help you to choose the best option for your facade.

This acrylic fabric is a breakthrough in the field of building technology, as it has a very long service life.

You can also use extendable awnings in your country house. They will create a comfortable place to relax, where you can enjoy your time with friends, sipping cool drinks even in extremely hot conditions.

Stretch awnings protect not only from the scorching rays of the sun, but also from the rain. They are therefore universal, with maximum ergonomics.

The dimensions of this type of awning can reach up to 12 metres, while the extension length is up to 4 metres. The drop angle can be up to 35 degrees, depending on your preferences.

Awnings of this type of production can be controlled both manually and automatically. The automatic control of the retractable part of the awning (opening and closing) is particularly important for awnings of this type.

Flexible fabrics are often used in the production of awnings. The strong and durable design of extendable awnings with folding arms will create a reliable canopy against bright sunshine and protect from rain.

Extendable arms for awnings.

Of course, instead of horizontal extendable awning arms, you can build a pergola awning, and perhaps even save on this, but that, as they say, is a completely different story: the pergola awning will provide year-round shade in the rooms beneath it, and does not have the lightness and sense of space that characterise extendable awning arms.

In addition, the awning can be made if desired, up to 14 metres and a reach of up to 4 metres.

Examples of extendable awning systems, their types and capacities.

extendable arm awning two

Some technical data about custom-made extendable awnings:

The made-to-measure extendable awning is one of the most economical and at the same time safe open systems.

It can shade an area up to 5 metres wide and up to 3.10 metres long, which is sufficient for small terraces in cottages and terraced houses.

The system is made of quality aluminium with steel rods at the fixing points, as it should be in European systems.

However, in the extension arm system, as it is one of the simplest systems, there are a number of disadvantages.

There are a number of disadvantages when applied to certain objects, for example, it can only be installed on a flat surface.

When installing this extension arm awning on concrete (aerated concrete and other cellular materials), a size limit is desirable.

For such materials, the reinforced stretch awning system, where it is possible to add supports, thus distributing the weight and wind loads over the entire width, will be more reliable.

Horizontal extendable awning system reinforced with elbows.

The reinforced horizontal extendable arm awning is a very convenient and practical design that is used in most cases in private homes or to shade terraces.

In this system, unlike the normal awning system, there is a main reinforcement profile, which makes this structure more reliable and wind resistant, and allows it to be made up to 14 metres wide.

The main reinforcement profile, in addition to the function of additional structural strength, also allows you to place the number of supports for the system that will be necessary for the reliable fixing of the awning.

For example, the installation of a 7 metre awning would be on aerated concrete, and this makes its own adjustments to the layout and installation characteristics.

extendable arm awning

For this type of awning, always look for the most reliable equipment on the market.

  • Chain awning elbows. Those who have ever operated the extendable awning will agree, that the chain type elbow connection is the most reliable, as opposed to the cable connection, which is used by most manufacturers due to its low cost.
  • Metal elbow fasteners. In contrast to the widespread plastic everywhere or various substitutes;
  • An all-aluminium frame from a European manufacturer, which will never rust or fade;
  • Axle support based on support structures, which adds confidence in the safety of the fabric;
  • Factory painting of all parts of the system according to the European system, unlike what many craftsmen can offer;
  • Decorative integrity of the awning. There are covers and caps everywhere, even on all screws to make it not only functional, but also more attractive, which is especially important for a private home.

Good stretch awnings should be made from a specialist, fade resistant fabric that ‘breathes’ well, but effectively traps heat energy, giving you the pleasure of being underneath it.

extendable arm awnings prices

Fabrics for extendable awnings.

Always look for the best European fabrics, which are not only fade-resistant but also water-repellent and therefore do not require any special care.

Ask about the latest technology used in the production process as it forms an additional barrier in this fabric, without compromising the breathability of the fabric, which makes it even more resistant to rainfall and gives immunity against rot or mildew on the surface of the fabric.

These are the best fabrics used for the production of awnings.

Extendable arm awnings are very practical and durable for use in restaurants, where even the bright and vivid colours of the fabrics will look great for a long time.

extendable awnings for terraces

Fabrics for the extendable awning.

A large variety of specialised fabrics with a wide range of designs allow the awnings to harmonise perfectly with the facade of your house or the colour scheme of the terrace and to fit in with any landscape.

It is also possible to cover large areas in the reinforced extendable awning system; this is very important when using a folding awning, which in the off-season or during the owners’ absence will be folded neatly into the wall with a fabric wrapped around the shaft.

In addition, extendable awnings can be fitted with a protective visor that will protect the fabric wrapped around the shaft from any precipitation.

It should be noted that this is not just a home-made visor which will not be functional for this system, but a protective cover from a European manufacturer.

For better fastening it is integrated into the native awning supports and closes the system and fabric not only from above, but also from the sides.

Extendable awning with protective cover.

And if you want to buy the most perfect extendable awning, which looks better and more beautiful than the open awning, and which also protects the awning fabric in winter, install a protective cover on the system and do not hide it under a roof or balcony.

In this way you have the opportunity to have an extendable arm awning with a very functional protective cover for the system.

made-to-measure extendable awnings

Specification of the extendable arm awning with protective canopy:

These dimensions are very important in the extendable arm awning, especially when attached to insulated walls, in order to properly fabricate the reinforcing spacers for the protective canopy. For example, two systems of five metres each for this type of awning.

In cassette extendable awnings, the fabric and elbows are concealed within the metal casing and have a built-in drainage system. This prolongs the life of the fabric and the awning mechanisms.

There are several companies that have been working with this type of extendable awning with protective canopy for a long time and can install the system on almost any surface, installing, if necessary, additional supports, distribution plates, etc.

All this is very necessary for the installation of the retractable awning and its reliable operation for many years.

Retractable elbow awnings.

Retractable elbow awnings are one of the most popular types of awnings. They are most often seen on the open terraces of country houses.

These awnings are the most cost-effective and efficient solution for restaurateurs to quickly and easily set up a summer terrace in front of a restaurant.

They create shade on a hot sunny day, protect from rain in bad weather, complement and decorate the facade of the building.

Retractable elbow awnings are not just a retractable arm awning. This is a classic outdoor piece that becomes part of everyday life and gives a special atmosphere to any event, whether it is a romantic summer dinner on your terrace or a get-together with friends.

Choose colours, lambrequin shapes, combine additional options, and your extendable awning will be unique.

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