The straight point awning has an original design and can become a decoration worthy of any facade.

Moreover, by installing this type of structure, you can use it as an advertising platform, providing other businesses and passers-by with the necessary information about your institution or company.

By installing straight-point awnings, you will forget about the scorching sun and adverse weather conditions, because your interior will always be cosy and comfortable.

straight point arm awning

What is a straight arm awning.

A straight arm awning is a relatively small awning that is used to protect windows, façade contents and interiors from sun and rain.

By blocking the sun and keeping out the heat, but maintaining visibility through a window or shop window, a straight point awning is an indispensable type of awning in any business.

The name, “straight”, was given to these types of awnings because of the way the tension support mechanisms are arranged, i.e. they are positioned at a 90 degree angle, i.e. a right angle.

In this case, this angle can be any angle, depending on the degree of closure of the straight awning. The angle can be selected for each specific case and changed in a matter of seconds.

Straight-point awnings are special awnings that are created for window openings of any size. The main purpose of these products is to create shade for shop windows and catering establishments, residential buildings, as well as other types of premises, while allowing the outside to be admired from the windows.

Where a terrace awning is placed.

Straight point awnings are mounted on windows, balconies, doors, showcases of commercial pavilions.

External structures of this type protect installations from overheating, reduce the operating time of air conditioners or do not use them at all. With their help, you can maintain a comfortable temperature and save energy at the same time.

straight stitch

Description and accessories of the straight awning.

Straight point awnings are the most commonly seen awnings in window and entrance registers. The lightweight aluminium frame makes them suitable for mounting in any window or door opening.

If you need a stylish visor that does not require registration, then a straight point awning is the way out. This is an open type awning, where the fabric is rolled up on an open shaft and is not covered by anything.

It happens when in a country house or cafe in the summer, the scorching sun shines through the windows.

Blinds, curtains and other interior sun protection will not save you from the congestion, as they do not protect the room from the heating of the glass pane from the outside, where all the energy of the burning rays enters the room.

Only one salvation is the straight stitch awning on windows. It is not without reason that for more than 100 years awnings made of straight knitted fabric have been saving you from the heat.

In addition to protection, there is a great advantage: your windows are not covered with thick dark curtains, the room is always bright, cosy and spacious. A hanging design will add some charm and add an unbeatable finished look.

Straight stitch awnings are very easy to use.

Straight point awnings are also called facade or window awnings. This is the perfect choice if you are looking for a product that combines practicality with beautiful design.

It is a lightweight, but at the same time very reliable design that also comes at an affordable price. It is perfect for shading windows and balconies, entrance doors or commercial pavilions.

Moreover, by using this or that colour and logo print, you can use this awning not only for its intended purpose, but also as an advertising tool. This extendable awning is also very easy to use: it is lowered in seconds.

This is especially valuable on a hot, sunny day, when with a wave of your hand you can create a comfortable atmosphere for yourself: the straight knitted awning will protect you from the sun and you can work freely at an open window, without sun glare on your computer screen.

straight arm awning

If it starts to rain, the mobility of the straight knitted awning will also come in handy. On a cloudy and gloomy day, on the other hand, the awning will add brightness and colour to the daylight, and your mood will immediately improve.

Straight stitch awnings on windows are used for:

  • Protection against sun and rain.
  • Allocation of the shop, catering or jewellery shop area.
  • Giving the facade a presentable appearance (even if the facade of your building leaves much to be desired, straight stitch awnings with the right selection of fabrics will take on a completely different appearance).
  • By applying your brand image it serves as an advertising medium.
  • To emphasise the style, e.g. a restaurant or café (public catering), which has a European address (Italian, Greek cuisine, etc.). Straight awnings are an attribute 100% associated with Europe.

toldo recto

Straight point awnings: the main advantages of the products.

Sunlight can be a significant problem, and this is especially true for the premises themselves, when through windows and shop windows, infrared radiation literally heats the objects inside to significant temperatures.

At the same time, closing the window completely means depriving yourself of access to light, as well as blocking the view of the street, your favourite area.

It is important to bear in mind that the sun is most aggressive when it is at or near the zenith. For this reason, straight awnings with window visors completely block direct sunlight during the most intense heating periods.

In addition, the angle of inclination of the awning can be chosen arbitrarily and during operation. By lowering or raising the straight point awnings, you can set the desired inclination of the curtain in a matter of seconds and thus adjust the protection mode to the optimum position.

straight stitch awnings prices

Comfortable viewing angle and reliable protection against rain and sun.

  • Large area of use (shades for balconies and shop windows, gazebo walls, cottage and house windows, entrance doors, etc.).
  • Easy maintenance and durability.
  • The exterior gets a complete look and the facade looks more attractive.
  • Possibility to adjust the angle of inclination.
  • Use of an electric drive if desired.
  • Multifunctional and easy to care for.
  • Simple and convenient installation.

In most cases, this straight point awning is mounted on a sliding frame, which is fixed to the wall of the room.

straight point cassette awning

The main element of such a product is a special movable awning which, in fact, protects from heat. The presence of an installed cornice of a certain design allows the product to be folded. In addition, these actions can be carried out by means of a mechanical drive.

The straight point awning can be (stopped while driving) in a more comfortable position for the user. If you want to buy a high quality straight point awning, look for a company that provides you with a wide range of options.

The cooperation with the manufacturer is for the acquisition of a high quality product, which also meets all quality standards and features, so that you can make a purchase that will last for many years.

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