Closed cassette awning. They protect the aesthetics of your home.

Closed cassette awnings are a type of awnings with an elbow mechanism (cassette hinged awning), the main advantage of which is the presence of a sealed protective cassette.

This cassette does not allow dust and precipitation to come into contact with the fabric and details of the awning, which increases the service life. The reliable, wear-resistant design allows it to withstand excessive loads and provide adequate security against bad weather.

Cassette awnings are reliable assemblies made from the latest components.

When folded, the cassette awning is almost invisible. And if necessary, it opens quietly and turns the room into a terrace. This awning can be equipped with an automatic electric motor and can be conveniently operated by remote control.

There is also a model called a vertical cassette awning, which is mounted with a cast aluminium bracket to the window opening. The retractable arms of this arm cassette awning are made of extruded aluminium profile.

For automatic operation, the electric drive of the closed cassette awning is equipped with a built-in signal receiver from the remote control.

Closed cassette design. Types of awning.

For example, having a cassette in an awning not only protects the details, but also creates new possibilities when designing an awning because you can control the shape and colour of the cassette.

It is possible to choose the rounded shape of the closed cassette awning, and possibly with clear edges. Expert fabricators will help you create a 3D model of the future awning and compare it with your home to make an informed decision on the type of construction.

Functionality of a closed cassette awning.

  • Serves as a roof on the terrace or veranda;
  • Protects the balcony, doors and windows from high temperatures and fading;
  • Protects from humidity in rainy weather;
  • Creates the look of a summer café;

Features of the cassette awning.

  • Increased protection;
  • Changeable angle of inclination;
  • Use of electric drive;
  • Installation of additional components;

Which manufacturers to look for when choosing enclosed cassette awnings?

  • Look for manufacturers who produce cassette and other types of awnings and who have a wide range of awnings;
  • Minimum production time;
  • All of the manufacturer’s awning mechanisms must undergo multi-stage testing;
  • A large selection of ready-to-use solutions for colour and design “as per catalogue”, as well as the ability to create a unique turnkey solution;
  • Extensive experience in the assembly of awnings of various types, including cassettes;
  • Free exit of the meter to the object;
  • Warranty and post-warranty service.

Extending arm awnings should only be manufactured from high quality components made in Europe. The cassette frame of the awning is made of a special alloy, which makes the awning light and reliable.

The awnings, both cassette and semi-cassette, are fitted with elbow mechanisms made of the same alloy, which increases the service life of the structural units. Thanks to the durable acrylic fabric awning, the closed cassette awning has the second class of wind resistance.

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