The best pool awning and how to keep it protected from dirt.

One of the most common disadvantages of swimming pools is that they tend to accumulate dirt as they are completely exposed areas. Another disadvantage of having an outdoor pool is that they are often exposed to the sun or rain. Because of all this, we are going to talk about the pool awning, this great item will help your pool become a much more enjoyable and cleaner area.

When we go through seasons of extreme heat, one of the best options you can opt for is to hang out in a pool. Pools are a great place to escape the hot seasons, especially if they are in the comfort of your own home.

The pool awning is a tool that protects and shelters your pool. Below you can see the types of awnings for your pool that you can buy, as well as their advantages, characteristics and how you can buy them.

Types of pool awnings.

These awnings have a large number of models and special shapes for each type of pool that needs them. Before purchasing a pool awning it is good to determine which type is the most convenient for you, due to the variety of these. Below, you will be able to see some models that may be of interest to you, as well as some of their most notable characteristics.

  • Roller pool awnings: This is a type of pool awning that adapts to the edge of the pools to cover them evenly and not allow any object or particle to fall in and contaminate the water. You can also find them in a wide variety of sizes, and if your pool has a specific shape you can find made-to-measure pool awnings of this type.
  • Removable pool awnings: These are pool awnings that are shaped like a dome or high cover. Some of these awnings also have the function of providing shade while still above the pool. There is a wide variety of sizes, and you can also order them made to measure in case you don’t find the shape you need.

roller pool awnings

Do you need a pool awning?

It is not for nothing that manufacturers recommend a pool awning and even initially complete a few different models. Any awning will simplify pool care for the owner. Leaves from trees will not fall into the water of a covered container. The wind will not bring light dusts. Birds fly over the pool, and without a canopy, litter will end up in the water.

It is easy to place the cover over small bowls, which can be done every day. Covering large letters is problematic, which determines the use of a pool cover in the following cases:

  • the fountain is not used for more than two days;
  • the awning is located under trees;
  • winter maintenance of the fountain.

For small inflatable and children’s pools, the cover can be discarded if there is a possibility of free discharge of dirty water.

Pool cover awnings. Prices and where to get them.

Having a pool with a cover is a great advantage to be able to enjoy your pool without having to clean it frequently. These great accessories that prevent dirt from entering your pool, as they are in great demand due to their great usefulness, can be found in various places such as physical shops and online pages.

Here are some of the shops that can offer you good quality products and services of this type

  • Leroy Merlin pool awnings: This is both a physical and online shop that offers you high quality products such as pool awnings. You can get advice over the phone and online guides, and you can also hire professionals to help you install your awning safely.
  • Amazon pool awnings: Amazon is an online site that, in addition to providing you with products and services, also offers you the opportunity to sell your own products. On Amazon you can find your pool awning at attractive prices, in addition to being able to use its selling function.

What are the main features of pool awnings?

Pool awnings have several essential features that are essential for their proper functioning. They have to be resistant, as their function is to protect the surface of the pool and to keep out dirt and rainwater. They must be resistant to sunlight, as well as having waterproof qualities so as not to accumulate humidity.

These awnings can be made in various shapes and sizes to adapt to any surface. These awnings are special for keeping your pool clean, but some can also help to cover you from bad weather.

swimming pool with awning

What are the benefits of installing a pool cover?

Having a pool with an awning is a great advantage, as having a cover while it is not in use helps to prevent the accumulation of rubbish such as leaves, dirt or any other pollutant that could affect the water.

Also, as it is a product in high demand, you can find it very easily in shops that specialize in the home area. Pool covers can save you a lot of time, as they help you to keep your pool clean and you don’t have to spend hours cleaning to use them.

Pool awnings and how to install them.

The installation of these awnings varies a bit depending on the type you get, but in general you should measure the area well and make sure that the awning you buy is the right size.

Check that the area you are putting it in is clear and ready for installation, remove any obstructions in the area that will get in the way of putting the awning up and make sure there is nothing nearby to obstruct it.

Remember that if you don’t feel confident about putting up a pool awning you can hire professionals to do it for you. In Leroy Merlin you can find installation guides, and you can also hire a home service to do it for you.

What material to choose for the pool awning?

Pool awnings are made of special materials: mesh, PVC, vinyl, canvas, roller blinds, solar film. All, with the exception of the last one, are capable of supporting the mass of one person or even several people.

A solar film awning is a blanket that floats on the surface of the water. It consists of layers of polyethylene, between which there are air bubbles. Such a shelter maintains the water temperature better than others. Dense materials prevent evaporation, mesh has no such properties.

A pool awning is a dense covering material, usually made of flexible PVC. An inexpensive option is a double-layer polyethylene blanket. It keeps the large pool awning strong over the rigid frame.

Quilts, covers, covers and other similar devices are in demand from open type sources. The awning prevents dirt from entering, and on a hot day accumulates solar energy, directing it to heat water.

Differences in pool awning covers.

The pool cover differs in the material it is made of:

  • For any type of pool, a two-layer bubble plastic is considered the best cover. The advantage of the material is its low weight. The bubble wrap can easily cover the pool by one person. The quilt cannot even be fixed to the sides of the bowl. Such pisicna canopies are sometimes called blankets. The secret is in the air bubbles. In fact, this type of awning is an excellent thermal insulator. The air bubbles prevent the pool water from cooling down during the night.
  • PVC pool awnings are characterised by a sturdy structure. The disadvantage is the complexity of storage. If the recommended conditions are violated, the PVC cover will crack. The heavy weight of the awning makes it difficult to place over a fountain with a diameter of more than three metres. The service life, subject to all conditions, is up to three seasons. A branded product will last about 10 years. The canopy is suitable for any type of pool, but is individually manufactured according to the size and shape of the bowl. Manufacturers of inflatable fountains and frames sometimes complete with blankets or offer to buy separately for a specific model.
  • The blanket made of laminated polypropylene looks like burlap. The canopy is lightweight and inexpensive. Usually these covers are used for small fountains of inflatable type. The service life does not exceed two seasons. Fixing to the bowl is done with ropes.
  • If we consider in general the methods of fixing canopies to fountains, there are three varieties:
  1. rope fastening;
  2. SOLAR canopies without fixing;
  3. complex fixing to the frame in large fountains.

On a day-to-day basis, the most common method is the rope fastening of the awning to the pool.

awnings for removable swimming pools

Important! Cheap pool awnings will last a maximum of 2-3 seasons and a two-layer film up to 5 years. The disadvantage of the quilt is its high cost.

What are the shapes and sizes of the most common pool awnings?

As you will notice, this type of awning adapts to a large number of surfaces and shapes. The pool awning must be able to be installed on various types of pools, as they come in many shapes and sizes.

  • Rectangular pool awning: These are widely used for olympic pools because of their shape, they are usually made to measure depending on the length of the pool where they are going to be installed. Pool awnings of this shape are highly recommended if you have this type of pool with a rectangular shape.
  • Round pool awning: Round pools are also very common because of their practical shape, they are also more common in public places. They tend to be used a lot and their size varies depending on the location. Round pool awnings are perfect for protecting the water and securing the pool from contamination.

Now that you know more about these great products, you will be able to better decide if it is what you need. Remember that pool awnings can be purchased in any size and shape you require. Also, pool awnings have many advantages and uses that will help you get rid of some of the difficulties of having a pool in your home.

If you need more help deciding on your awning, don’t forget to visit our ideas blog.

Time frame and season of use of a pool awning.

There are variants of summer and winter covers.

  • Summer: lightweight, quick to take down and put up, ideal for everyday use. The material they are made of is not designed for freezing temperatures. A convenient addition to covers for frequent use is a winding system.
  • Winter covers are dense. They are impregnated with a special composition for strength and resistance to low temperatures, high humidity and ultraviolet radiation. The awning, which covers the pool for a long time, must have drainage holes.

If the pool is not cleaned for the winter, it is advisable to buy summer and winter covers. This will extend the life of the tank and reduce maintenance costs.

awnings to cover swimming pools

Debunking myths about swimming pool awnings.

There is an opinion that the pool awning protects from all misfortunes, should serve for a long time and other myths. In fact, the illusion is refuted by the facts:

  • Not a single blanket is able to completely protect the water from pollution, and even more so from blooming. The manufacturers of the awnings provide up to ten small holes. In case of rain, the water will flow into the container and will not accumulate in the lid. Otherwise, under heavy weight, the whole shelter will be unbearable or will be submerged in the pool. Together with rainwater and draughts, dust enters through the holes, contaminating the source. An awning will definitely not save you from water bloom in the pool, as the process is caused by organic contamination.
  • When buying a pool cover, you should not expect it to last longer than the pool. Covers, such as filter cartridges and bottom pads, are consumables. The life span of a cover depends on quality, precision of use and rarely exceeds 5 years. High quality covers will last up to 10 years, but are very expensive.
  • There is an opinion that any pool for sale should be equipped with a cover. In fact, the manufacturer usually puts a protective cover on large hot tubs. The case is not an essential accessory. If necessary, the consumer buys it separately. Having decided to install a pool, the owner considers all the nuances and decides whether it is necessary to overpay for a canopy or can do without a cover.

Nuances in the choice of a pool awning.

The retail outlets offer a large selection of awnings for swimming pools. The choice is based not only on a suitable size, but there are a number of other nuances:

  • In summer a light PVC fabric with a maximum density of 580 g/m 2 is suitable.
  • For winter storage use covers with a density of at least 630 g/m2 .
  • The dark colour of the shelter is used for unheated fountains. The covers store solar energy to heat the water. If the pool awning is extended over the canopy frame over the basin, preference is given to light colours that reflect the sun’s rays.
  • Pool awnings from unknown manufacturers will not last long. It is better to buy a branded item.
  • Covers made of PVC material are only welded. If you are offered to buy a stitched awning, it is a fake.
  • Pool awnings in large bowls without additional support will be submerged in water. To support the net, a frame is made of a metal profile. The cross section of the metal frame elements is calculated taking into account the dimensions of the basin. The stationary frames are installed for the whole lifetime of the pool without the possibility of careful dismantling. The sliding systems are mobile. If necessary, the frame can be dismantled from the pool enclosure.


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