What is the Leroy Merlin motorised awning?

The Leroy Merlin motorised awning is a smart solution to provide extra protection for your outdoor space. These awnings are designed to offer effective sun protection without compromising the style of your outdoor space.

In addition to sun protection, motorised awnings also offer a touch of elegance to your space.

Benefits of a motorised awning.

Motorised awnings offer numerous benefits to users. These include:

  • Sun protection:

These types of awnings offer effective protection from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. This allows users to enjoy an outdoor experience free from sun damage.

  • Add a touch of elegance to your outdoor space:

These awnings are available in a variety of styles and designs that allow users to add a touch of elegance to their outdoor space. This allows users to enjoy a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere in their outdoor space.

  • Ease of use:

Leroy Merlin’s motorised awnings are very easy to use. This means that users can easily adjust the awnings to suit their needs.

leroy merlin motorised awnings

Main features of the motorised awning:

Leroy Merlin motorised awnings are made of high quality materials. These materials make the awnings highly resistant to external weather elements.

In addition, the awnings are available with a variety of accessories that users can use to add a touch of style and functionality to their outdoor space.

The designs of these awnings are also very versatile, which means that users can find the perfect design for their outdoor space.

How to install a Leroy Merlin motorised awning.

Leroy Merlin motorised awnings are easy to install. This means that users do not need to hire a professional for installation. Users just need to follow the steps mentioned below to install the awning correctly:

  • Tools needed:

Users need some basic tools for the installation of the awning. These tools include a screwdriver, hammer, level, saw, pliers, spanner, wire and screwdriver.

  • Step by step:

For example, the first step is to fix the support bar to the wall. Then, users have to mount the drive mechanisms on top of the bar.

The next step is to mount the awning panels on the pole. Finally, users should connect the drive mechanisms to the support rod.

How to maintain leroy merlin motorised awnings?

Awnings with leroy merlin motors are very easy to maintain. This means that users can keep their awning in good condition for a long time. Some of the ways to maintain a motorised awning include:

  • Cleaning:

Users should clean their awning regularly to keep it free from dust and dirt.

  • Repairs:

If users encounter any problems with their awning, they should repair it immediately to prevent it from deteriorating.

motorised cassette awning 4x3 leroy merlin

How many types of leroy merlin motorised awnings are there.

At Leroy Merlin there is a wide variety of motorised awnings to suit different needs.

Among the models available are:

  1. Outdoor motorised awnings: These are ideal options for terraces, gardens and patios. These awnings allow you to cover a large area and provide maximum protection from sun, rain and snow.
  2. Indoor motorised awnings: These retractable awnings offer a practical solution for interior decoration. They are designed to cover large areas, such as living rooms or dining rooms.
  3. Motor awnings with LED lights: These awnings are equipped with LED lights that allow the level of illumination to be adjusted as required. They are also used in camouflage awnings.
  4. Motor awnings with solar panels: These models are equipped with solar panels that use solar energy to recharge the battery of the motorisation. This option is very economical and environmentally friendly.

Characteristics of the 4×3 leroy merlin motorised cassette awning.

The Leroy Merlin 4×3 motorised cassette awning 4×3 offers a large number of features to its users.

These features of the Leroy Merlin motorised awning include:

  1. Material: The awning is made of high quality aluminium, which gives it superior corrosion and weather resistance compared to other materials.
  2. UV resistant: The awning is made from UV protected polyester fabric, which means it will not fade or be damaged by the sun’s UV rays.
  3. Easy installation: The awning comes with easy installation steps so you can mount it in your garden, terrace or even on the wall.
  4. Motorised: The awning is controlled by a remote control, allowing you to open and close the awning without having to leave your chair.
  5. Heat insulating: The awning is also designed to help reduce the heat from the sun, keeping the inside of your home cool and comfortable.
  6. Secure closure: The awning closes completely when not in use, preventing insects or dirt from entering.
  7. Dimensions: The awning has dimensions of 4×3 metres, giving you a large area to protect you from the sun.

the leroy merlin motorised awnings

Benefits of installing leroy merlin motorised awnings.

Leroy merlin motorised awnings offer numerous benefits to users. These awnings are resistant to external weather elements, allowing users to enjoy effective sun protection without compromising the style of their outdoor space.

In addition, these awnings are very easy to install and maintain, which means that users can enjoy their motorised awning for a long time.

For these reasons, users should consider installing a Leroy Merlin motorised awning to enjoy an outdoor experience free from sun damage.

What is the price of a Leroy Merlin motorised awning?

The price of a motorised awning from Leroy Merlin can vary depending on the size, material, type of motor and other factors. Prices generally start at around 200 €, but can go up to several thousand euros, depending on the model chosen.

It should also be taken into account that additional electrical installations may be necessary for the connection of the motor, which can increase the final cost. The price may also vary depending on geographical location and shipping costs.

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