Price of an awning. Everything you need to know.

Awnings have different prices. The cost depends entirely on the type of awning you wish to purchase. Clamp awnings, cable tensioned awnings and folding arm awnings can be purchased for as little as 50 $; they are hardly more than 100 $. The price of an awning starts at around 200 $ and can go up to 1,000 $.

Remote-controlled awnings are available from 1,000 $, depending on size, and semi-cassette awnings with and without motors range from 400 to 2,000 $. The most expensive awnings are freestanding awnings, which cost more than 3,000 $.

Where can you buy awnings at the best price?

You can buy awnings from DIY shops, specialist dealers or directly from the manufacturer. A popular alternative is online shops, where awnings are often available at much lower prices. In addition, the selection is also much larger.

What determines the price of an awning?

The awning is a modern and reliable design, a high-tech product with various functions. The price of an awning is made up of several characteristics.

The price of an awning is mainly affected by its type. Cassette awnings use a special cassette to protect the fabric and levers, which increases the cost of the awning, relative to open types, where there is no protective cassette.

Double-sided awnings are also more expensive than single-sided awnings. Non-standard types of structures may require additional parts for installation; this will affect the cost of the awning.

The next important parameter that determines the price of an awning is the size of the awning. The larger the area of the product, the more expensive the design will be.

Additional decorative elements and the drawing of an image on the awning fabric also affect the final price.

Additional options, such as a protective visor, rain drainage, also affect the final cost of the product.

For certain tasks, a reinforced version of the design is required to withstand more severe wind loads.

This can be achieved in various ways, such as a reinforced central profile, special wind struts, etc. All these additional layers of protection increase the cost of the product.

The presence of automation and special sensors to control the awning directly affects its cost. Thanks to them, the awning will fold and unfold independently, depending on weather conditions.

awnings at a good price

Awnings at a good price.

Facade awnings play an increasingly important role in facade decoration for private and commercial use.

Awnings are folding structures for protection from the sun’s rays. The vertical awning has a very versatile design to protect door and window openings, terraces, recreational areas, areas attached to houses, etc.

Extendable awnings are designed to protect the premises and the people who are in them from the heat of the sun, as well as from the rain and wind.

Pergola awnings are the most functional sun protection systems, awnings that provide shade from the sun and protection from the rain over large areas.

Awnings come in different types of designs that differ not only in appearance, but also in functionality.

Straight point awnings, balcony awnings, dome awnings, pergolas, etc. can be purchased in the form of ready-to-use designs from the factory stock or ordered for the production of an awning at an excellent price.

Electric and mechanical drives are used for control, they are started by pressing a button or turning a handle.

Always look for world-renowned awning reliability and quality, best-in-class technical features, excellent value for money and long service life. All products must meet European quality standards.

You can order an awning made especially for you at factory prices at short notice. The company’s own modern, high-tech equipment, extensive experience as a market leader and individual approach to each customer enable the plant to solve even the most complex and non-standard customer tasks.

How to find out where to buy cheap awning.

The veranda awning is used so that the rays of the scorching sun do not interfere with the rest. Awning factories offer custom made awnings at competitive factory prices.

If you need an awning to relax, you should first study more detailed information about this product: there are so many types of designs.

The extendable awning is made of a special metal alloy and strong awning fabric, which makes the design lightweight and reliable.

The awning protects not only from the sun’s rays, but also from any form of precipitation, wind gusts, dust and dirt.

Awnings are used not only for the rest of the guests of establishments, but also in the construction of private homes.

Outdoor recreation will be even more comfortable if your awning is equipped with automatic equipment. It is not only about remote control.

The awning can be equipped with sensors that control the awning in response to changing environmental conditions.

For example, they change the tilt angle of the awning when the position of the sun changes, or close the awning to prevent mechanical breakdown when a hurricane starts. This is not only convenient, but also prolongs the life of the awning.

There are a lot of ready-made awnings in department stores, but the factories will individually produce your dream awning according to your requirements, regardless of the order volume, an individual approach for each customer.

With such a rapid development of the awning market, it is very difficult to keep track of all the changes in the industry.

How much does it cost to install an awning?

It is not necessary to have a specialised company to install an awning. For other types of awnings, it is worth considering installation by a craftsman if you are not very skilled or if the awnings are particularly heavy.

The prices for professional installation of an awning depend on the condition of the wall of your house and the type of awning and its fabric. Crank-operated awnings are cheaper to install than electric awnings.

Price of an awning. How much does it cost to install

Below is an example of the possible installation costs for an awning up to 3 metres:

You should consider the price of an awning between:

  • Material costs: 50 to 180 $.
  • Installation costs for a manually operated awning: 160 to 190 $.
  • Installation costs for an awning motor: 30 to 40 $.
  • Installation of a radio remote control: 13 to 15 $.
  • Installation of an external remote control: 20 to 30 $.

The longer the installation, the more expensive the price of an awning. It is a lengthy process if the wall of the house makes installation difficult, if many holes have to be drilled or if the awning is very large and heavy.

Which criteria should you pay special attention to when buying an awning?

You can use the following criteria to compare awnings and find the most suitable one for your needs:

  • Size.
  • Installation.
  • Installation and use.
  • Construction and material.
  • Motor and operation.
  • Additional functions.
  • Cleaning and maintenance.
  • Colour

Pay special attention to the individual price aspects of an awning.

The size has a great influence on the price of an awning.

Did you know that the right size of your awning depends on the purpose and place of use? A smaller awning is required for a balcony than for a terrace or garden.

For large areas, a projection of 4 metres is recommended, for very large areas even up to 6 metres.

To provide sufficient shade, the awnings should be half a metre above the terrace. The width of the awning is determined by the width of the area to be shaded. It is also possible to have the awning made to measure. This last concept is the one with the highest price for an awning.

Price of the installation of an awning.

An awning must always be installed by a professional in order to function smoothly. Even if you are skilled, many awnings are difficult to assemble by yourself.

Some models are very heavy and large. In addition, you must make sure that your masonry can support the awning. In any case, you should install an awning in pairs.

Sometimes believing that you can do the installation yourself ends up causing a much higher increase in the price of an awning.

Price for the installation of an awning

Light and small awnings with clips are an exception. If you are not inexperienced, you can also install them on your own.

Don’t forget to adjust the installation of your awning to the course of the sun so that you have optimal sun protection later on.

Also think about the angle of inclination that you should set so that rainwater can drain off properly. The angle should not be less than 14 degrees.

The angle of inclination can be changed on most awnings. In addition to the correct pitch angle, also make sure that the clearance height is correct. It should not be less than 2.0 metres.

Use after installation will continue to increase the price of an awning at a later date.

Before installing an awning, you should find out what regulations may exist in your city. You may not be allowed to use bright colours or a neighbour may be restricted in some way by the awning.

It also makes sense to obtain prior permission from the owner so that you don’t have to deal with the inconvenience of not having holes drilled afterwards. In this case, at least a clip-on awning can usually be installed. Of course, the type of awning depends above all on the intended use and location.

A folding arm awning with exposed fabric is suitable for a balcony. If your awning is not protected from above by a balcony or similar, you should prefer an awning that protects the awning fabric, such as a cassette awning. An alternative would be an awning with a rain cover.

An important criterion for choosing a suitable awning is also the frequency of use, as this will change the price of an awning upwards.

For occasional use, we recommend an awning that can be easily and quickly dismantled, such as a clip-on awning or a pergola awning, where you can easily dismantle the rails and remove the awning during the winter months.

Note the construction and material in the price of an awning.

The frame and cassette of an awning should definitely be rustproof and stable. Aluminium or stainless steel are the most suitable.

Aluminium is visually attractive, very light, weather-resistant, stable and does not rust, although it does increase the price of an awning considerably.

Avoid an awning with a plastic frame, as this is not as weather resistant and can therefore become porous and break quickly. Also make sure that the screws and nuts are made of stainless steel.

The cladding fabric must also have some special properties. Of course, it must offer good protection against the sun and be tear-resistant.

The tear strength should be between 290 and 320 grams per square metre. The awning fabrics are also impregnated so that rainwater and moisture roll off and dirt particles do not adhere so easily.

Did you know that the price of an awning can vary 100% depending on the fabric used?

Price of an awning: Which fabric is the best?

The best fabrics for awning covers are polyester or acrylic. They are characterised by optimum UV resistance, moisture resistance, lightness and colour intensity.

In addition, material made of polyester or acrylic fabrics dries quickly. Acrylic fabrics are even more resistant to tearing than polyester.

However, the industry compensates for this by applying a special impregnation to the polyester.

Since an awning should not be retracted when wet, it is an important feature that the fabric dries quickly.

If you want your awning to be permanently extended even in adverse weather conditions, polyvinyl chloride is recommended as a covering material. Many rain awnings and awning chains are made of this material.

This trick is worth knowing because it avoids an increase in the price of an awning.

Motor and operation in the price of an awning.

To operate your awning, you can choose between a crank or a motor. Both variants are easy to operate. A crank is absolutely necessary if you do not have an electrical connection nearby.

If you choose a crank, you should prefer the bevel gear to the worm gear, as the worm gear is a bit more difficult to operate and not as durable.

Also, if the awning is motorised, there should be an emergency crank in case the power fails or the motor is faulty.

Motor and operation in the price of an awning

You can operate motorised awnings by pressing a button or with a remote control. With some awnings, you also have the option of having a motor fitted afterwards. The most professional, but also the most complicated to install, is the tubular motor.

The following control options are available: radio remote control operation, cable-guided switching on and off, operation via smartphone or switching on and off via wind sensors and frahling. This control is usually the most expensive when you want to know the price of an awning.

The alternative to the tubular motor is the clip-on motor. It is cheaper and easier to install than the tubular motor, but has the visual disadvantage that it is attached to the handle and is therefore always visible.

Additional features you should be aware of in the price of an awning.

For added convenience, you can purchase sensors that automatically retract and extend the awning depending on weather conditions. There are also awnings with lighting, radiant heaters or cooling systems.

Cleaning and care of an awning.

If you choose a cassette awning and regularly pick it up after use, the awning fabric will hardly get dirty.

If you need to clean your awning regularly, it is an advantage that the awning fabric can be washed at 30 degrees.

You can sweep off the coarse dirt with a soft brush and then rinse it off with a garden hose. Do not use a high-pressure cleaner, as this may damage the protective layer of the fabric.

If the awning fabric cannot be put in the washing machine, proceed as follows to clean stubborn dirt:

Mix a mild detergent solution of warm water and a mild commercial detergent. Dip a soft sponge in it and apply the foam so that it forms a good lather.

Let the foam act for a quarter to half an hour and then rinse thoroughly with clean water so that no soap residue remains.

Now let the damp cloth dry completely. Under no circumstances should the awning be picked up while it is still wet, as otherwise mildew stains and discolouration will form.

This damage will cause an increase in the price of an awning. Please take this into account!


Do not wait too long before removing bird droppings. Otherwise, the pancreatin substance it contains will leave permanent burns and discolourations on the fabric of your awning. In combination with sunlight, the negative effect of bird droppings is further increased.

Therefore, it is ideal to tackle bird droppings with a damp cloth immediately after soiling. Fresh droppings can be removed very easily. Once it has dried, cleaning becomes difficult.

How do you clean dry droppings on awnings?

The best way is to prepare a solution of vinegar, salt, gall soap or liquid detergent and soak a cleaning cloth in it. Carefully rub the droppings with the cloth.

In general, for stubborn dirt, in addition to the cleaning products already mentioned, we also recommend special cleaners such as commercially available green film removers, which can be used to remove green film, algae and lichen, but also bird droppings.

Against mould stains, special non-chlorine mould removal products can be used. Vinegar water is also an effective remedy that helps with mould stains.

If you don’t have vinegar on hand, you can make a paste of baking soda and water, apply it to the stains and leave it on for a while.

Then remove the mixture completely. Exposure to sunlight is also good for fading mildew stains.

Price of an awning. Tips for choosing the colour.

You should prefer darker colours for your awning. Lighter colours have less UV protection and can also be blinding. They also make dirt more visible.

However, you should not choose too dark colours either, so that your awning does not get too dark and too hot underneath.

Colours that do not cause glare and heat build-up are, for example, grey or blue. Also make sure that the fabric of your awning is yarn-dyed so that it does not fade in sunlight.

What types of wind resistance are there for awnings?

There are four specific wind resistance classes for awnings. Here there are variations in the price of an awning. If the awning is only marked with class 0, you will not be able to extend it at all in windy conditions.

With class 1, the awning can withstand a maximum wind force of 4. Exactly this means: there is a moderate breeze that moves twigs and fine branches and stirs up dust and loose paper. The wind speed is 20 to 27 kilometres per hour.

What types of wind resistance are there for awnings

It can leave a class 2 canopy extended at wind force 5. With this wind force, small deciduous trees sway and white waves form on the lakes. The wind speed ranges between 28 and 37 kilometres per hour.

If the awning corresponds to class 3, you can leave it extended up to wind force 6. This corresponds to a strong wind that also moves strong branches and in which it is difficult to hold an umbrella. The wind force is 38 to 48 kilometres per hour.

Price of an awning How much does it cost approximately to re-cover an awning?

If you want to extend a new awning fabric over an intact awning, you can either do it yourself or have a company do it for you.

The cost will depend on the type of awning. A rough estimate would be as follows: You have a folding arm awning with a size of 4 by 3 metres.

Then the coating could cost around 37 $ per square metre. In addition, you would have to pay an installation fee of about 120 $.

This calculation is, as I said, an approximate value for the price of an awning. The costs depend on various factors, above all on the prices of the respective company.

Where can I get spare parts for my awning?

Spare parts are available in DIY shops or specialised shops. However, the Internet offers the largest selection and low prices.

Here you can also obtain spare parts directly from the manufacturer and possibly still claim the warranty. This search will improve the price of an awning.

What does the drop length of an awning mean?

This refers to the maximum length of extension from the wall to the front. In the case of vertical awnings, it is the length of extension from top to bottom.

Which awning manufacturers are there?

The world’s leading awning manufacturers include Prime Tech, Empasa, Jawoll, pro.tec, Warema, Erhardt, Nova Hüppe, markilux, Klaiber, Lewens, Jarolift, Smartsun, Angerer, Grasekamp, DEMA, VARISOL and Weinor.

I hope this article has helped you to find out more about the price of an awning and all the costs involved.

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