What are shade sails and how to care for them.

True elegance lies in being like everyone else, but in your own way. This applies not only to our appearance, but also to the design of our home. That is why we look so much for new products, because only in this way can we create a unique look for our home. Owners of country houses and offices should pay attention to a novelty such as shade sails.

Sail shade awnings: a classic with Italian character.

To be honest, shade sails are nothing new. Have you noticed beautiful, bright awnings in the summer gardens of a café or a similar awning over the main office door, which provides shade and at the same time bears the name of the company?

Then these are varieties of sails awning. And if earlier such structures were used more for cafes, shops and work premises, recently they have migrated to cottages and summer houses of ordinary Ukrainians.

Specifically, shade sails are sun protection structures in the form of sun visors, canopies or canopies. They usually consist of a special fabric planted on a rigid metal or wooden base.

The design is clear and simple in appearance, but almost impossible to replicate at home. In the retail trade, such systems are also not available, so they are manufactured in special halls on an individual order basis.

Although shade sails fulfil a very specific practical function, i.e. they protect gazebos and outdoor terraces from the sun and wind, they are also a stylish decorative element.

History of shade sails.

Awnings came to our patios and estates from sunny Italy, where they were first used in the 16th century. The first marquise was invented by the Venetian Francesco Borgia, who holds the proud title of marquis.

The fact is that the delicate skin of his beloved Adelgeida quickly burned in the sun. To protect the woman from the scorching rays, Francesco ordered to equip the territory of the castle with awnings on the special facades so that the marquise could rest in the shade, while enjoying the clean air and the beautiful scenery.

shade sail awnings

From then on, the structures, called “marquises”, began to be used by ordinary people. However, their too fragile design made them impractical, because the awnings quickly lost their beauty, fading in the sun, and also breaking under strong gusts of wind.

But scientific progress does not stand still, allowing the modern consumer to enjoy sail awnings for horizontal shades (for sun protection in the garden) or vertical awnings (for gazebos). If you have bought an awning for a country house or cottage, don’t forget to take care of it from time to time so that the “Italian” will serve you for a long time.

Versatile and aesthetic sail awnings for all uses.

In the 15th century, the Venetian Marquis Francesco Borgia, as explained above, was the first to come up with a design that today is called a fabric canopy or marquise. According to legend, he cared so much for his beloved that he ordered his servants to cover all the windows of the castle with special shade sails to protect her from the scorching rays of daylight.

Since then, the awnings have received their present name. The cloth awnings quickly gained popularity among the wealthy, giving their mansions a special respectability.

The first samples of marquises are a far cry from what is being created today. Their imperfection consisted in a rapid fading in the sun, a small operating line and, in addition, such shade sails awnings were not cheap at all.

Over time, fabric designs became more and more attractive to the population. Already created with the help of the latest technologies and advanced developments, the number of their types of awnings and their designs gradually increased.

Now the whole arsenal that is present on the shelves of shops (and these are awnings straight point, pergola, balcony, folding awning or veranda awning) faithfully serve their owners, creating convenience and comfort combined with protection from the weather.

Taking care of shade sails.

Sail shade awnings are constantly exposed to the adverse effects of wind, rain and sun. In order for them to retain their beauty for a long time and perform their functions, they must be of high quality.

It is not worth saving money by buying an awning that is too fragile. It will create a lot of problems later on. Visit our awning ideas blog for quick advice.

But even triangular shade sails, which are the most durable and made of good fabric, should be cleaned regularly. To do this, use a natural-based detergent and a soft cloth. Do not use a normal awning cleaner. Find out how to clean your awning beforehand.

Special cleaning solutions are available and you can clean the awning yourself at regular intervals. But at least sometimes it is worth giving it to professionals for cleaning. They remove dirt gently and effectively without damaging the water-repellent layer of the shade sail awning.

the shade sail

Precautions in windy areas.

If the weather is too windy, shade sails should be removed. When removing the awning, remember to clean it with the soft nozzle of the hoover. If stains are found, remove them with a soft sponge.

After cleaning dust and stains, be sure to spray a special agent on the surface of the awning fabric, which will restore its water-repellent properties and resistance to grease deposits.

Remember that it is not recommended to clean awnings too often, even with the most gentle cleaning, the properties of the fabric are lost. To prevent the fabric of shade sails from getting dirty, they are placed under the canopy or mounted in a cassette.

By following these simple rules for the care of an awning, you will maintain its beauty and durability for a long time!!!

the shade sail awnings

Mistakes to avoid with shade sails today.

The production of the latest models of shade sails has reached a new level. Only the highest quality metal alloys are used for their components, the awnings are equipped with special electronics, which simplifies the operation process and provides additional comfort.

The awning fabric is designed and selected taking into account the climatic characteristics of each region, and the colour combination is guided solely by the customer’s wishes.

Buildings equipped with shade sails instantly transform a drab and drab city, bringing a special charm and notes of respectability to the exterior of the streets, attracting the eyes of all passers-by without exception.

With the help of shade sails, you can create absolutely any style that is inherent only to the elite and stands out against the background of other almost identical houses and buildings.

One can name one more necessary function, with which shade sails awnings cope with a bang. But many people think that fabric canopies are only designed to protect from rain, sun and prying eyes.

There is also a lot to be said for decorating buildings with awnings. But shade sails are also excellent “advertising carriers”, which are applied to them by means of screen printing. By attracting attention with their presence alone, any outdoor advertising will look better on a fabric awning.

It is hard not to agree, after becoming familiar with so many advantages of shade sails, that it is not just an awning, but a “universal multifunctional design”, which will fully repay all the money spent on it.

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