Sail awnings at IKEA: the perfect solution for your terrace.

Do you like to enjoy your terrace but the sun does not allow it? Are you looking for a way to create a fresh and pleasant atmosphere in your outdoor space? IKEA sail awnings are the perfect solution for you. In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about sail awnings at IKEA: its different types of awnings, their features and benefits, how to install them and how to maintain them so that they last for many years.

What are sail awnings and why are they a good option for your terrace?

Sail awnings are a way to protect yourself from the sun and create a cool and pleasant atmosphere on your terrace. They consist of a resistant fabric that is stretched and attached to posts or walls, creating a shaded space. Awnings not only protect from the sun, but are also resistant to wind and rain.

Ikea sail awnings are a good option for your terrace for several reasons. First of all, they allow you to enjoy your outdoor space even on the hottest days. In addition, ikea terrace awnings are an economical and easy-to-install solution compared to other types of awnings.

ikea sail awning

The different types of IKEA sail awnings.

IKEA offers a wide range of shade sails in different sizes, shapes and colors to suit your needs.

  • Triangular shade sails: these ikea shade shades are triangular in shape and are available in different sizes and colors. They are ideal for small and medium spaces.
  • Rectangular shade sails: These ikea shade sails are rectangular in shape and are also available in different sizes and colors. They are ideal for larger spaces.
  • Square shade sails: these ikea shade shades are square in shape and are available in different sizes and colors. They are ideal for medium and large spaces.

IKEA triangular awning.

The triangular IKEA awning is a variant of sail awnings, characterized by its triangular shape. This type of sail awning is made up of a triangle-shaped fabric, which is supported by three anchor points, either on walls, posts or trees.

The IKEA triangular awning is available in different sizes and colours, which allows it to adapt to the needs and preferences of roller sails in each outdoor space. In addition, the fabric of these sail awnings is made of resistant and durable materials, capable of withstanding inclement weather, such as sun, rain and wind.

The triangular shape of the shade sail has the advantage of covering a large area, while at the same time allowing greater flexibility in its placement, since it can be adapted to narrow or irregular spaces. In addition, its elegant and modern design adds a decorative touch to any terrace, patio or garden.

ikea sail awnings


The installation of the IKEA triangular awning is simple and does not require special tools. It is only necessary to fix the anchor points on the wall or posts, unfold the fabric and adjust the tension of the ends. It can also be placed between trees, using ropes or hooks.

The maintenance of the IKEA triangle sail awning is similar to that of other awnings. It is recommended to clean the fabric with mild soap and water, and store it in a cool, dry place when not in use. If the fabric sustains any damage, it can be repaired with an adhesive fabric patch. Its easy installation, low maintenance and wide range of sizes and colors make it an attractive and economical option.

Features and benefits of IKEA sail awnings.

IKEA sail awnings have several features and benefits that make them an ideal option for your terrace.

  • Weather resistance: IKEA shade sails are designed to withstand wind, rain and the sun’s UV rays. The fabric is waterproof and does not fade in the sun.
  • UV Protection: This sun shade sail protects from the sun’s UV rays, which is important to prevent sunburn and other health problems related to sun exposure.
  • Easy to install: ikea sail awning is easy to install and does not require technical knowledge or special tools. Simply follow the assembly instructions and you will be able to have your shade sail installed in no time.

Care and maintenance of IKEA sail awnings.

IKEA shade sails are durable and require little maintenance. However, there are some tips that you should follow to ensure that your shade sail lasts for many years.

  • Cleaning: It is important to keep the sail cloth clean to avoid the accumulation of dust and dirt. To clean the fabric, simply use a garden hose and water to rinse it. If there are stubborn stains, use a mild soap and a soft brush to scrub the fabric.
  • Storage: When the weather changes and you no longer need to use your shade sail, it is important to store it properly. First, make sure it’s completely dry before you store it. Then fold it carefully and store it in a cool, dry place. If you store it in a bag, make sure it is clean and dry before placing the shade sail inside.
  • Repairs: If your ikea shade sails suffer any damage, it is important to repair it immediately. If the fabric is torn, it can be repaired with an adhesive fabric patch. If the poles or anchors are damaged, replace them to ensure the stability of the shade sail.

ikea awning sail

Installation of IKEA awning sails.

Installation of IKEA sail awnings is simple and does not require special tools. Follow these simple steps to install your shade sail:

  1. Choose the place where you want to install the shade sail and measure the space to determine the appropriate size.
  2. Mark where you will place the posts or anchors on the ground or wall. Make sure they are level and aligned.
  3. Place the posts or anchors in the marked place and fix them with screws.
  4. Lay the shade sail fabric over the poles or anchors and carefully stretch it out.
  5. Adjust the tension of the fabric as needed so that it is stretched but not too tight.
  6. Secure fabric around poles or anchors with included hooks or string

How much do ikea sail awnings usually cost?

The price of IKEA sail awnings can vary depending on the size, material and specific design you are looking for. In general, IKEA sail awnings are usually priced between 20 and 100 euros, but this can vary depending on the region and the season in which they are purchased. I suggest you visit the IKEA website or your nearest physical store for up-to-date and accurate information on shade sail prices in your specific location.

Finally, we must bear in mind that…

IKEA sail awnings are a practical and economical option to create a shady and cool space on your terrace. With its wide range of sizes, shapes and colours, you will find the perfect shade sail for your outdoor space. In addition, they are resistant and easy to install and maintain. By following these tips, you will be able to enjoy your shade sail for many years and protect your skin from the sun at the same time.

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