Awnings? Yes, please. Whatever you think of those ominous-sounding words, terrace awnings aren’t just for houses and flats. Whether you’re developing the historic feel of your home or designing a new one with a retro aesthetic, a large-scale awning project can be an essential part of your grand design.

Homes, condominiums and other multi-family developments often have open areas that are ready for the placement of a terrace awning. This creates a perfect setting for floral arrangements or even vintage art installations. To help transform these outdoor living areas into creatively designed focal points where guests can enter and be served at any time they need, we have some tips on how to create the ultimate terrace.

What is the significance of terrace awnings?

The word “terrace” conjures up images of lush, green areas with a gently sloping roof. These images are probably accurate, but in the real world, most people don’t live on a hillside or a pool of water. Instead, they usually have a flat, roofed plot of land.

Types of awnings for terraces.

There are various types of terrace awnings. There are traditional wood-faced, metal-faced and plastic-faced awnings made of insulating materials such as compressed pine or mould-resistant hardwood. All of these types offer varying levels of protection from the elements and at the same time can be erected without fear of collapse.

The terrace awning is an umbrella-type structure that wraps around the entire façade of a building. It can be used for many purposes, such as covering windows and doors, adding a modern ambience to your home or serving as an effective public address system.

But there is no way to fully understand the subtle benefits of a terrace awning if you don’t know how one protects your property from rain and snow, while also adding nice design touches to your home. We won’t bore you with the ins and outs of this awning beauty, but we will give you some useful tips on how to choose the right one for your home.

toldo de terraza impermeable

Waterproof terrace awning.

The terrace is a great place to relax and enjoy your holidays. But for your rest to be complete, and for you to feel really comfortable, you should take care of it and equip it with special sunscreens such as waterproof terrace awnings.

It is unlikely that anyone can enjoy their holidays for a long time in the scorching sun, moreover, prolonged exposure to the sun is harmful to health, so it is advisable to buy a waterproof terrace awning, which provides effective protection not only from sunlight, but also from wind and precipitation.

If you get a waterproof terrace awning, you will be able to spend long hours outdoors, enjoying meals with your family. When choosing an awning for your weatherproof terrace, there are several factors to consider.

For example, what shape of awning would be preferable, how to ensure a harmonious connection between the terrace and the awning and at the same time create an original design. Also, don’t forget that awnings can come in different types, shapes, sizes and colours.

Outdoor terrace awning.

By the way, if you don’t need an awning all year round, you can choose a lighter structure that can be removed after the summer season until next year. The outdoor patio awning is a versatile design and an effective means of sun protection, while these canopies can cover a large part of the garden if desired.

In addition, outdoor patio awnings allow you to independently adjust the shading area and the angle of the awning. It is worth saying that the outdoor terrace awning actually has a wider application and this design can be found not only in country houses, but also on the balconies of residential buildings, and they are also ideal for shading the summer areas of cafes, restaurants, gazebos and pavilions.

Such outdoor awnings can also be used to prevent the sun’s rays from penetrating windows, shading the garden area in front of them.

toldo bar terraza

Bar terrace awning.

Very often, terrace awnings in cities are used to advertise businesses, as well as to complement the design of the establishment and give it a touch of bright design. For the manufacture of terrace bar awnings, durable and reliable materials are used, which perfectly withstand extreme temperatures and the effects of precipitation.

Thanks to this, you can’t worry about your terrace bar awning fading, losing its shape or getting wet and starting to leak water. By the way, an awning for a bar terrace is not only a practical but also a cost-effective solution for those who do not want to spend money on building a terrace.

In addition, it is not always possible to complete the terrace due to its bulkiness. Therefore, it is more advisable to install a bar terrace awning that does not take up too much space in front of the business, but at the same time provides the protection you need.

Large terrace awnings.

Large deck awnings are an excellent option for providing shade and protection from the elements in larger outdoor spaces. The awnings can be installed on the terraces of houses, restaurants, hotels or other places that have large terraces.

When choosing an awning for a large terrace, it is important to consider some aspects:

  1. Size and coverage: Make sure you choose an awning large enough to cover the entire area of the terrace you wish to protect. Awnings for large terraces are usually wider and longer than standard models.
  2. Materials: Awnings are available in different materials, such as canvas, polyester, acrylic or PVC. Consider the weather and conditions the awning will be exposed to to choose a strong and durable material.
  3. Structure and support: For large terraces, it is important to have a solid and resistant structure that can support the weight and tension of the awning. You can opt for a free-standing structure or fix the awning to an existing wall or canopy.
  4. Drive type: Awnings can have different drive systems, such as crank, motorized or even automated with wind and sun sensors. Choose the type of drive that is most convenient for you and your space.
  5. Design and style: Awnings come in a wide variety of designs and colors. Choose one that fits the style of your terrace and complements the aesthetics of the place.

Remember that the installation of a large terrace awning may require the assistance of professionals to ensure proper installation and operation. Consult with awning experts or specialist contractors for advice specific to your needs.

How many types of terrace awnings are there depending on their location?

Terrace awnings are divided into the following types:

Terrace awnings are best installed on facades with sills or visors, as these canopies have the most affordable cost, but cannot boast as good protection as the other structures. Cassette or semi-cassette terrace awnings are excellent for summer cottages, but should be removed immediately if the weather changes.

Vertical terrace awnings are used to increase the level of protection not only from the sun, but also from the wind, in addition, they also protect from prying eyes, which is why they are often used on balconies. Terrace awnings used in greenhouses provide the necessary level of illumination for the plants and protect them from the scorching rays of the sun.

precio toldo terraza

Pergola terrace awnings.

At the same time, the most popular type of awning today is the terrace pergola, which is a canopy for a terrace, equipped with horizontal frames and special support frames. Thus, one part of the awning is attached to the façade and the other part is supported on poles, which allows for maximum stability and reliability, as well as a larger shading area.

It is also possible that such a patio awning is not attached to the facade, but is located separately, for example, to darken the path to the garden or to create another recreation area. The popularity of such terrace awnings is explained by the fact that they combine versatility, reliability and, at the same time, elegant design.

Pergola terrace awnings are considered to be an excellent alternative to normal awnings, in addition to the fact that they have a larger area of coverage. Pergolas are quite easy to install and, at the same time, very reliable in operation, as they are able to withstand the strongest gusts of wind, heavy rain and snow.

Therefore, you cannot even remove such a canopy during the winter period, although this is desirable. In addition, the high stability of pergola terrace awnings allows you to complement your design with beautiful lanterns, as well as floral structures that will give the terrace a Provencal charm and individuality.

toldo terraza leroy merlin

Leroy Merlin terrace awning.

The supporting structures of the Leroy Merlin terrace awning are usually made of aluminium to prevent corrosion. The canvas is made of the most durable and best quality fabrics, and the additional parts are made of aluminium, stainless steel or special plastic, which is characterised by a high level of strength.

The tarpaulin is made of the most durable and best quality fabrics, and the additional parts are made of aluminium, stainless steel or special plastic, which is characterised by a high level of strength. Incidentally, the high-quality models of the Leroy Merlin patio awning have a dust-repellent canvas that does not get through the wind and does not lose its light for many years.

So, when choosing a Leroy Merlin patio awning of this type, prefer products from reliable and well-known manufacturers, even if they will be more expensive. The price of a Leroy Merlin terrace awning will quickly pay for itself and you will feel as comfortable and cosy as possible on your terrace.

The price of a terrace awning from Leroy Merlin will quickly pay for itself and you will feel as comfortable and cosy as possible on your terrace. It is worth mentioning that the Leroy Merlin terrace awning has special anti-tension systems that increase the stability of the structure, and increases its resistance to gusts of wind.

toldo terraza ikea

Ikea terrace awning.

The Ikea terrace awning is a retractable sun protection awning, which is one of its advantages. The awning can be controlled both mechanically and electromechanically. In the latter case, together with the canopy, you get a remote control that will allow you to control the position of the canopy at the push of a button, which is much more convenient than manual control, because you do not have to exert your strength to fold and unfold the canopy.

In more expensive models of the Ikea terrace awning, even rain, wind and sun sensors are additionally installed, as well as automatic tilt adjustment and other useful features. You can choose all parameters and angles individually for yourself, creating for you an ideal atmosphere of comfort.

It is worth saying that the sensors of the Ikea terrace awning are very useful, as they will help you to increase the durability of your sunscreen, because if you suddenly leave and forget to remove the canopy, then in heavy rain and wind, the awning will close automatically.

Sizes, shapes and lengths of the Ikea patio awning.

Depending on the size of your front patio, you can choose an Ikea patio awning in various widths, shapes and lengths. Actually, because the Ikea patio awning provides an impressive extension of the structure: more than seven metres, they are equipped with additional support beams, unlike other patio awnings. Pay attention to the shape, for example, you can find a product with a slightly lowered or rounded down canvas.

Such models fulfil their main functions better than models with a straight canvas, as they provide better protection from the sun, which, for example, is close to the horizon. In addition, a rounded canvas better prevents raindrops from entering the terrace space. In addition, a rounded tarpaulin prevents raindrops from entering the terrace space.

It will not be difficult to choose an Ikea terrace awning for the style and colour scheme of the facade, as the manufacturers have taken care of the variety of models. If there are problems with design solutions, then such a canopy can be made especially for you in an individual order, taking into account all your wishes.

By the way, if you are worried that the closed canopy will spoil the appearance of the facade, then you don’t have to worry about this. There are special models that retract completely into the wall and are completely invisible. At the same time, even the most common Ikea patio awning in folded state does not attract attention, so the design of your facade will not be affected in any way.

At the same time, even the most common Ikea patio awning in its folded state does not attract attention, so that the design of your facade is not affected in any way. So the pergola, which is easy to assemble and disassemble, has a stylish and beautiful appearance and versatility, will become an indispensable tool in any suburban area.

Terrace side awnings.

Terrace side awnings are modern, durable and multifunctional structures that not only protect from the sun and bad weather, but are also an important attribute of the exterior. The terrace arrangement is one of the most popular options for creating a cosy and atmospheric space in a private home.

La disposición de la terraza es una de las opciones más populares para crear un espacio acogedor y atmosférico en una casa privada. A non-standard terrace side awning is the best solution for an outdoor restaurant or summer café. Innovative terrace awnings quickly conquered the market.

Comfortable and reliable sunshade designs in factory quality are the perfect solution for sun protection. This is an excellent value for money as well as comfort for the visitors of your restaurant or summer café.

The design feature of the terrace is that the site is a street, an open space, which means that in case of hot, rainy or windy weather, vacationers should be protected from external negative factors. There are manufacturers to offer a wide range of terrace side awning designs, ranging from mechanical models to more advanced automatic models with sun and rain sensors. The production of non-standard terrace awnings is possible. Terrace side awnings are widely used and universally recognised, the range of their application is unlimited.

Uses of terrace side awnings.

With the help of terrace side awnings, comfortable spaces are created for street cafes, picturesque terraces of country houses, various awnings for balconies, windows and cars. Awnings are also used as an additional decorative and advertising element in shops and shops.

On a hot summer day, terrace side awnings will protect from the sun, create a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere and ensure a comfortable stay. They require no special care, are reliable and easy to operate.

Terrace awnings and pergolas.

The warm season is not always as long as we would like it to be. For many people, warm days in the city or in the countryside are still the most unforgettable, outdoor recreation becomes cosy and city establishments, such as cafés and restaurants, equip summer areas for outdoor dining. Awnings and pergolas for summer terraces are mostly suitable for use only in the warm season.

But it is also possible to enjoy a cosy place of relaxation in early spring or late autumn, when the weather may not be pleasantly warm. For this purpose, you can organise warm terraces. Warm terraces can delight the guests of cafés and restaurants in the cold season and help to gain the status of a favourite place with the more sophisticated consumer. This is a great marketing tool that attracts additional visitors. Panoramic windows will help to pass the time and enjoy the atmosphere inside the establishment.

Utilities of awnings and pergolas for business terraces.

For businesses, this is not only additional seating, which means an increase in profits, but such awnings and pergolas for terraces is also an opportunity to organise various long-term events within the institution.

The glazing keeps out the cold and protects from the wind, the total tightness allows the use of sound-absorbing properties. An indisputable advantage of a warm terrace is the rejection of the need for capital construction.

Don’t know how to choose structural elements for organising a warm terrace?

The manufacturers of awnings and pergolas have extensive experience in the design and manufacture of turnkey warm terraces. In addition, they take into account all customer wishes and the individual characteristics of the premises.

They offer a wide range of architectural and design solutions: in your project you can use any type of glazing and paint the metal frame in the desired colour in accordance with the design code of the institution.

They offer a wide range of architectural and design solutions: in your project you can use any type of glazing and paint the metal frame in the desired colour according to the design code of the institution.

toldo terraza ático

Conservatory awnings as an energy saver.

Terrace awnings are a modern means of sun protection, which allows you to consume electricity rationally and save a significant amount of money. They are awnings made of special fabric with high-strength supports. The awnings are attached to the facade of the building and protect window groups and entrances, dark facade elements such as balconies and terraces.

In the warm season, reducing the cost of electricity to provide air conditioning can be a significant cost-saving element. The use of terrace awnings makes it possible to partially abandon the climatic equipment without loss of comfort. Awnings allow you to minimise the amount of solar thermal energy that penetrates through window and door openings, balconies and terraces. Therefore, the patio awning can be considered as an energy-saving construction.

In some cases, the use of an awning makes it possible to completely abandon the use of air conditioning.

Terrace awnings come in different types, both in form and functionality. Retractable patio awnings make it possible to block the sun’s rays as effectively as possible and protect the interior by adjusting the inclination. Vertical patio awnings can also be used as energy-saving sun shading structures. They are installed on any surface, whether glazed or not, and block the sun’s rays.

What is the percentage that the awning reduces electricity consumption?

Properly installed awning allows you to reduce electricity consumption for air conditioning from 30% to 100%. It is also worth noting that exterior sun protection is much more effective than interior solutions such as curtains and blinds. Awnings allow a minimum amount of solar energy to pass through, thus creating protection against overheating, maintaining comfortable temperature conditions and the influence of UV rays.

Manufacturers produce a wide range of sun shading products, including awnings and pergolas for terraces of all types. Awnings can serve as an effective means of sun protection for both domestic and commercial applications. The awnings are manufactured solely from modern, high-quality components on high-tech equipment. Therefore, as manufacturers, they are ready to offer the best quality at a favourable price and a reliable guarantee.

toldo terraza amazon

Amazon terrace awnings.

Every year we look forward to the summer days with great anticipation, but unfortunately they don’t last long. That’s why outdoor recreation in good weather is especially attractive for people. Summer terraces are an ideal place for a comfortable rest. They are very functional, but most importantly: they protect from direct sunlight, so that the temperature under the terrace drops and the longed-for coolness arrives.

Production of Amazon awnings for summer terraces.

Advantages of manufacturing Amazon awnings for seasonal summer terraces have been appreciated both by owners of cottages and restaurants. The summer terrace of the restaurant attracts new customers and increases the frequency of visits to the establishment by loyal customers. The terrace becomes a comfortable resting place for all ages. The most effective constructions to make an Amazon awning for your summer terrace are awnings and pergolas. Both awnings and pergolas are prefabricated and mobile structures.

instalar toldo terraza

Installation of patio awnings.

Patio awning installation processes are not time-consuming for an experienced team, and the mobility of the patio provides ample opportunities for further use. A variety of designs available direct from the factory allows you to realise the most daring design solutions. The manufacturers offer a completely free measuring visit service, which allows you to solve the problem of not only the dimensions of the structure, but also many other issues.

Retractable patio awning.

Retractable awnings are one of the most popular types of patio awnings today. Such designs, due to the characteristics of the frame and the extension mechanism, are also called elbow awnings. The stylish and memorable design of the awning will be available for review after unfolding by a reliable mechanism. Retractable terrace or veranda awnings can be equipped with a protective cover, which in this professional area is called a cassette. This cassette protects the awning, canopy and other parts of the awning from dirt or dust.

This type of awning can be equipped with an automatic control with sensors and a remote control.

The manufacturer’s free measurements will help you to decide on the type of terrace structure. The meter will determine the required design parameters, the characteristics of the available site, the customer’s preferences for construction and design, etc. You can choose the colour and texture of the fabric from a special catalogue, it is possible to apply a logo or other pattern on the fabric. The price of a retractable terrace awning will depend on the size of the structure and the terrace, the installation of additional options and the availability of automatic control.

toldo de terraza retráctil

Terrace awnings open at an angle.

This is a retractable fabric terrace awning in which the fabric is twisted on an open axis that is not protected from the rain. It is a very popular solution for sun protection and decoration of terraces, porches, cafés and restaurants. Although they are usually considered awnings for summer houses, it is in the city where they have found the widest application, as with their compact size, if necessary, they can protect a large area from direct sunlight.

Due to its design features, the angle of inclination of the retractable canopy can be adjusted in the range of 0 to 45 degrees. The canvas of the open terrace awning is made of a special acrylic fabric, which is additionally coated with a Teflon coating and anti-fungal impregnation. This allows it to withstand temperature fluctuations over a wide range, not to fade under the influence of sunlight and not to get wet.

Uses of acrylic fabrics for patio awnings.

The use of acrylic awning fabrics from famous European manufacturers allows us to provide a guarantee against fading of the fabric for up to 5 years, and the use of a cassette awning allows you to store the fabric for up to 10 years. If you wish to purchase awnings for a large terrace, it is possible to manufacture large awnings up to 14 metres wide according to the dimensions provided by the customer.

The open terrace awning is equipped with reinforced springs and chains as well as universal wall and ceiling fixings. The robust and stable design can be installed even in large open areas. Additional equipment: telescopic grills integrated in the front bar, solar wind drives, electric motor, LED backlighting and printing on flyers or tarpaulin.

Summer awnings (retractable awnings) with an extension of up to 4 metres are available on request. Durable and reliable materials are used: powder-coated aluminium and non-fading Austrian acrylic fabrics. If desired, terrace awnings are available with manual or automatic remote control. The price of the product will, of course, vary depending on the product configuration you have chosen.

Sliding awnings for terraces.

Sliding terrace awnings allow you to organise a comfortable space for relaxing on the terrace. These designs are the most modern and help to operate the product reliably and for a long time. Of course, the easy control, both manual and automatic, based on sensor readings, is also important. These sliding awnings are also used to organise a terrace in summer cafés and restaurants.

The awnings do not interfere with the circulation of fresh air in people’s recreation area, but prevent direct sunlight and protect from precipitation. The colours of sliding terrace awnings can be very diverse and fit into any architectural solution. Terrace awnings automatically control the comfort of the terrace. Temperature, light and wind sensors help you to open or close the awning according to predetermined behavioural scenarios. You get a cosy summer terrace that is reliable and easy to operate.

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