Personalised awning. Designs to suit your business.

A row of ordinary shop fronts and the like doesn’t inspire the desire to discover what lies beyond the door; however, that vertical personalised awning, whether brightly coloured, uniquely shaped, backlit, solar or otherwise, offers not only protection from the elements, but eye-catching appeal and an attractive preview of what might be waiting inside.

When shopping for storefront awnings, keeping in mind some smart and savvy advice is key to choosing custom awning types for your business.

Compelling evidence of the success of custom shopfront awnings is emerging around the world. Recently, Viridian, an Australian glass supplier, created a stunning glass awning for the Zara shop in Melbourne’s main shopping precinct.

While custom pergola awnings act as attractive showcases for a shop’s products and style, they also protect windows, doors and customers outside from wind, rain and snow (not to mention the sun).

What to consider when buying a personalised awning.

Buying a custom shop awning is a business investment, and considering the following elements will help ensure that you, your business and your customers benefit the most:

Local/regional weather conditions;
Appropriate awning size;
Financial efficiency;
Type of business;

Your local climate will largely determine what type of custom tent awning is best for your business. Since climate cannot be altered, this factor is a major starting point.

Be precise when the manufacturer asks you about your specific weather conditions, the location of the awning in your shop and the main reason behind your shop awning, whether it is for shade, marketing or both.

personalised folding awnings

Custom folding awnings for your business.

Despite their obvious appeal, fabric and canvas awnings are not as durable as metal awnings. Most modern manufacturers create canvas awnings that are strong enough to withstand moderate weather conditions, but could be risky in the event of hurricanes, tornadoes or similar storms.

To avoid problems, many custom folding awning suppliers offer a low-maintenance commercial shade structure in areas with extreme temperatures and weather conditions.

Larger custom folding awnings protect diners at the hottest new lunch spot in town from summer rays and flying fall foliage, while custom folding awnings for smaller shops add decorative touches, whether it’s an elegant tea shop or a quaint local café.

The price and size of custom folding awnings go up together, but larger awnings clearly provide more protection.

Requiring graphics on the custom awning also determines how large it needs to be to adequately promote the shop, which is another tool to excite passing shoppers.

Size also relates to whether you purchase a fixed or retractable custom folding tent awning. Just keep in mind that custom folding awnings are not 100% waterproof.

Benefits of incorporating a personalised awning into your business.

It’s important to consider budget constraints, as well as the financial benefits of having strong, protective and decorative custom storefront awnings.

For example, manufacturers are so convinced of the monetary magnificence of custom awnings that they are accepting grant applications for certain exterior commercial improvements, including awnings.

When referring to the specific benefits that can be applied to other areas: “Grant support for these commercial projects results in increased sales tax and property tax revenues, and promotes new businesses and the retention, revitalisation and expansion of existing businesses”.

For further advantages, solar-savvy business owners choose custom awnings based on their energy efficiency. By controlling the amount of sunlight and heat that enters.

personalised awnings

personalised awning styles.

When deciding which styles and types are practical financially, structurally and aesthetically, be sure to choose a custom awning that highlights and emphasises your business.

More modern metal awnings and aluminium canopies can complement your trendy clothing business that sells timelessly stylish clothing, while a colourful custom canvas awning makes a bar with a lively nightlife a crowd puller.

The good news is that today’s technology and resources can create personalised awning that can be designed to fit your vision. Imagine the possibilities for your business.

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