The vertical awning is a type of sun protection structure. They are something between roller blinds and normal awnings.

This type of product in an open position allows you to provide lateral protection against ultraviolet rays. Vertical awnings are equipped with a roll-up mechanism.

Properties of the vertical awning.

A vertical awning is an awning structure that opens vertically downwards. The shaft is galvanised on the inside and outside and the guides, if the awning is open, are aluminium tubes or cables.

The awning fabric is completely dirt and water repellent, UV-resistant, retains its original colour in all weather conditions, is not subject to decay and is impregnated with a special anti-fungal composition. Look for a 3-year guarantee on all products of this type of awning.

Properties of the vertical awning

Characteristics of the vertical awning.

Vertical awning assembly:

Now you can relax outdoors in any weather and equip a comfortable children’s play area.

A canvas stretched over a window or door will protect the interior from the hot rays of the sun, wind, rain and snow.

Materials used for the manufacture of the vertical awning.

Special high-strength fabrics are used in the manufacture of vertical awnings. Such material is resistant to various external factors, does not fade and does not lose its shape even after a long period of operation.

Materials used for the manufacture of the vertical awning

Durable and dense fabrics are used that do not let moisture through. You can choose an opaque fabric and organise a cosy sitting area, hidden from prying eyes, or a translucent material: it will protect you from the weather, but give you the opportunity to enjoy the surrounding scenery.

Types of vertical awnings.

Vertical awnings are divided into two large groups: smooth awnings and textile awnings.

1. Smooth awnings: They are a simpler version of vertical awnings, made of weather resistant material such as aluminum, vinyl or polycarbonate, which extend from the ceiling to the ground. These awnings effectively block light, reduce heat and provide a protective barrier against rain.

2. Textile awnings: These awnings are more modern and aesthetic than the smooth ones, since they are made of fabrics and microfibers that give them a more attractive appearance. They offer excellent protection against sunlight and heat, but have less resistance to rain. In addition, these fabrics allow the passage of light to guarantee the natural lighting of the space.

In turn, the types of vertical awnings are subdivided into:

Vertical awnings are an excellent option to control sunlight and temperature in outdoor spaces. There are several types of vertical awnings that can meet different needs.

1. Canvas awnings: They are one of the most popular types of vertical awnings. They are affordable, durable, and available in a variety of colors.

2. Roller Awnings: These awnings roll up and down with ease, making them ideal for small outdoor spaces.

3. Awnings with blinds: These awnings have aluminum or PVC blinds. These blinds can be opened and closed to control the amount of sunlight entering a space.

4. Aluminum Awnings: These awnings are strong and durable and are available in a wide range of colors.

5. Chain-link awnings: These awnings can be adjusted to allow more sunlight. They are made of a stainless steel chain that is attached to the top of the awning.

Other types of vertical awnings available are:

Types of vertical awnings are divided into open (the fabric is simply rolled up on the shaft) and cassette (the awning is placed in the cassette).

To avoid excessive tension (sail effect) of the structure during strong gusts of wind, steel cables are used in the first case and ZIP zips on the sides in the second case.

If necessary, the awning fabric can be retracted. A manual mechanism or an electric drive is provided for this purpose.

Vertical awning models.

  • The screens are made of dense fabric, thanks to which they can provide reliable protection against any irritants from outside.
  • With inserts (made of PVC). The size of the inserts can vary, selected by the customer.
  • With a fine mesh structure (mostly transparent). They are used to protect against mosquitoes and other insects.

Vertical awning with acrylic and PVC film

Vertical awning with acrylic and PVC film.

Vertical awnings, which have excellent functionality and aesthetic appearance, can be installed in any opening.

By placing vertical awnings outside, you save space inside the room. This is very important if, for example, you choose awnings for a terrace.

Vertical awnings for cafés and restaurants will protect visitors from bad weather and, in good weather, allow you to open up a view of the surrounding landscape.

In general, awnings were originally designed to protect your space from excessive sunlight. However, there are transparent awnings that protect the room from wind, snow and rain.

For better breathability, vertical awnings with acrylic and PVC foil are used with a special fine mesh fabric, which limits sunlight well and also performs anti-mosquito functions.

Would you like to make your gazebo, terrace, patio or porch even more functional?

For this, it is not necessary to use expensive glazing. After all, there are reliable and durable vertical awnings.

You can design outdoor recreation areas with elegant and easy-to-use awnings that extend down vertically.

Vertical awnings are popular structures that are used: in public buildings (shops, offices, schools, etc.); for installation on windows of private houses, cottages; on porches, terraces, balconies.

Outdoor vertical awnings

Vertical awnings for outdoor use.

Vertical awnings for outdoor use are universal and are successfully used both in the urban environment and in suburban construction.

As window canopies, they protect the room from excessive sunlight and heat radiation, prevent overheating and maintain a comfortable atmosphere in objects with second light and a large glass surface.

In suburban construction, vertical outdoor awnings are widely used for gazebos and zoning of spaces, which is why they are often called street awnings.

They protect from sun, wind, mosquitoes and prying eyes. Transparent vertical awnings (with PVC inserts) are especially popular, as they allow you to maintain an overview.

Vertical awnings can act as outdoor curtains for a gazebo, terrace or porch, while being easy to use and requiring no additional care.

For vertical awnings, both manual and automatic control should be available from the manufacturer.

The price of an outdoor vertical awning is calculated individually and depends on the size, materials and additional options.

Where to buy cheap vertical awning

Advantages of buying a vertical awning.

  • Among the advantages of buying vertical awnings is that of a high quality product. There are factories with their own production, so every stage is carefully controlled by specialists.
  • All orders are executed quickly, within the specified time.
  • Vertical awnings can be produced according to standard and individual sketches, designed according to your wishes.
  • If you look hard enough, you can buy vertical awnings at an attractive price. Companies regularly offer promotions and discounts.
  • Look for a company that values and respects its customers. And that they strive to fulfil all your wishes.

If you want to order vertical awnings, you can do it online. They offer a wide range of guaranteed high quality products.

If you have any questions, the manufacturers have advisors who will answer your questions and give you all the information you need. Most manufacturers have affordable product prices and excellent service.

Advantages of vertical awnings

Advantages of vertical awnings.

They have a high level of shading.

If desired, they can be completely shielded from sunlight. This advantage will provide the opportunity to significantly reduce the cost of air conditioning.

The widest selection of vertical awnings.

A wide range of products of various colours and shades, textures, as well as sizes are offered on the market, so that everyone can choose vertical awnings according to their taste.

Convenient location and elegance.

Installation of the vertical awning is carried out outside the premises, which will reliably protect the house, gazebo and other objects from the sun’s rays.

Such products perfectly fit into the interior of various styles of both country houses outside the city and the architecture of the metropolis.

Vertical awning manufacturing companies.

By contacting the companies and manufacturers, you will be able to choose the desired texture solution and colour scheme, and the presence of a solid frame, with which the offered products are equipped. It will also allow you to use a convenient solar protection system for many years.

The control of structures of these types of awnings is carried out by means of manual or automatic operation. The fabric is moved vertically along special guides and is securely fixed with a padlock.

If you are interested in vertical awnings, always look for the best offer.

You can buy vertical awnings at cost price or order for delivery to other cities. You can order your vertical awning according to individual sizes directly from the manufacturer. The installation of the products should be carried out by high-level specialists.

Vertical roller blind

Vertical roller awning.

Vertical roller awnings help protect vertical surfaces from rain, snow and scorching sun.

They protect window openings, gazebos, facades and balconies as well as shop windows. These structures are installed in the frame or in the opening. It is also possible to mount them on the wall.

By shielding sunlight, the vertical roller blind has no effect on the air flow entering the room from the street. Therefore, comfortable conditions are created in the building.

The vertical rolling awning for gazebos against rain and snow can make your stay comfortable in any bad weather, protect you from precipitation and be practical to use.

There is a wide experience in their manufacture and installation and above all always trust the experts who will help you make the right choice.

The control of such vertical roller blinds is done manually or with the help of an electric motor. Thanks to the bottom bar of the vertical awning, the lower part of the fabric is fixed and the bar moves along the guides.

Vertical roller awnings can be controlled either manually or automatically. Therefore, the vertical electric cassette awning will not only be effective against the sun’s rays, but also comfortable to use.
In the production of awnings, the highest quality fabrics are used, which is a guarantee of quality.

The vertical balcony awning is a reliable and high quality sun protection model with many features.

As the name suggests, it is produced in both vertical and balcony style. The balcony vertical awning model by the guarantee can be used without problems for many years in this context.

These comfortable models of vertical balcony awnings produced according to European quality standards have a more robust structure compared to many other models.

In this respect, it ensures maximum protection for businesses against the harshest external factors all year round. The type of vertical balcony awning is also preferred in many European countries.

Vertical balcony awnings are very easy to use.

Most of the time, companies can install the product with virtually no support from the manufacturer in the vertical balcony installation.

vertical balcony awning

Features of the balcony vertical awning.

The vertical balcony awning is of very high quality. Therefore, if used carefully, it can maintain its quality for long periods.

The balcony vertical awning, which is one of the best professional awnings, can be used on larger areas compared to other models in this context.

Transparent vertical awnings for terraces.

The transparent vertical awnings for terraces, which have excellent functionality and aesthetic appearance, can be installed in any open opening. By placing transparent vertical patio awnings outside, you save space inside the room.

This is very important if, for example, you choose vertical awnings for a terrace. Transparent vertical awnings for cafés and restaurants will protect visitors from bad weather and, in good weather, allow you to open up a view of the surrounding landscape. In general, awnings were originally designed to protect your space from excessive sunlight.

However, there are transparent awnings for terraces that protect the room from wind, snow and rain.

For better breathability, transparent patio awnings are used with a special fine mesh fabric, which limits sunlight well and also performs anti-mosquito functions.

Guided vertical awning.

This is a type of fabric-guided vertical awning to protect shops, gardens, restaurants and houses from water, sun and wind.

The guided vertical awning is a shading cover that can be opened vertically to the space within certain dimensions, regardless of the location.

Systems that produce guided vertical cassette awnings in different colours, models, fabrics and features according to customer preferences are manufactured using successful craftsmen and technological devices.

Due to the difficult and costly use of glass cladding systems, vertical guided systems that offer economical and user-friendly opportunities have become more preferred nowadays.

Guided vertical awning

Types of guided vertical awnings.

Guided vertical awning types are wider than other models. It is used in many areas such as cafes, bars, restaurants, businesses, balconies and terraces in homes. As the system is vertical, you can adjust the awning according to the position of the sun.

The guided vertical awning is used in businesses to accommodate smoking areas and more customers, and to ensure the use of open spaces in homes.

You can enjoy the best moments of the four seasons while being protected from the heat in summer and the cold in winter.

Fabrics used in the guided vertical awning.

The fabrics used in the guided vertical awning which is produced from closed acrylic fabrics on a roll, can be easily opened and closed by users with a remote control.

Customers can choose transparent, acrylic and perforated fabrics, depending on their needs, to be protected from factors such as wind, sun and precipitation.

Thanks to the transparent mica and fabric used in the system, wind and dust are prevented. Therefore, the viewing angle from inside and outside is not blocked.

By blocking the sun’s rays in homes, gardens and workplaces, it protects your customers, loved ones and belongings.

The acrylic fabric used in the guided vertical awning is resistant to external factors such as fading, precipitation and sun.

In this case, it can be easily cleaned, maintained and repaired. Thanks to its durability, this system, which you can easily use for many years, is more suitable in terms of price compared to other tent models.

Models where vertical guided awnings are used

Models where the vertical guided awning is used.

  • Transparent awning.
  • Guided vertical awning.
  • Winter garden awning.

Areas of use of guided vertical awnings.

  • Cafeterias.
  • Restaurants.
  • Patisserie.
  • Bars.
  • Open-air businesses.
  • Tourist businesses.
  • Houses.
  • Balconies.
  • Terraces.

Characteristics of the vertical guided awning.

  • It has a wide area of use in homes, especially in shops.
  • The fabric and the whole system used are waterproof.
  • It works in harmony with the classic and motorised pergola systems.
  • It is an indispensable system for shop windows and open business owners.
  • It blocks sunlight and does not block the architectural structure and view of the building.
  • It allows you to save heat and daylight.
  • Prevents external factors such as wind, cold and sun.
  • Adds a stylish and modern look to the environment.
  • Creates a space of privacy.
  • It is easy to maintain, clean and repair.
  • You can choose from different colours, fabrics and patterns.
  • It has guaranteed imported fabric and spare parts.
  • Companies that attach importance to institutionalism can print logos and names on the vertical guided awning.

Advantages of the vertical guided awning

Advantages of the vertical guided awning.

  • You can practically control it with the remote control.
  • It is the best solution for high places and buildings.
  • It avoids wasting time as it can be installed as quickly as possible.
  • People who do not want to waste time can assemble the awning themselves thanks to its ease of use.
  • The price is economical as it is manufactured with the desired characteristics according to the customer’s needs.
  • The use of transparent material does not obstruct the existing view, thanks to its easy opening and closing.
  • You can use it for many years due to the quality and guaranteed materials used.

Price of the vertical awning.

The manufacturers of the vertical awning offer easy payment opportunities to their customers. The products they assemble and deliver are under warranty, and they offer free technical service for any malfunctions and problems that may arise. The price of the vertical awning varies according to the fabric, colour, model and different features.

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