ROLL-UP SIDE AWNING. Maximize your outdoor space.

A roll-up side awning is a useful tool for providing shade and/or protection to a wide variety of outdoor spaces. It is designed to automatically roll up for easy storage and transport. It is made of high-quality materials for durability and weather resistance, thus providing a practical and long-lasting solution for enjoying the outdoors.

Benefits of the roll-up side awning.

Roll-up side awnings offer a variety of benefits, both for convenience and functionality. First, they provide shade and protection from the sun and wind, helping to keep interiors cool and protected from excessive heat. They can also provide an insulating barrier to reduce noise and pollution, as well as harmful sunlight.

In addition, it offers greater privacy for the home, since it prevents neighbors and passers-by from seeing inside. Finally, they can be designed to perfectly match the style and color of the property, adding a touch of style while enhancing functionality.

Types of side roller awning.

Roll-up side awnings are a practical and modern way of providing shade and protection to a house or terrace. These types of awning roll up into a compact box for storage when not in use. In addition, they are designed to be weather resistant, so they offer protection against wind, rain, sun and snow. They are also available in different materials, colors and styles to meet different needs and budgets. For example, they are an excellent option to add a modern and functional touch to an outdoor space.

leroy roll up side awning

Leroy roll-up side awning.

Leroy roll up side awnings are a stylish solution for providing shade and privacy to your outdoor space. They are built with a high-quality aluminum frame and weather-resistant fabric materials, offering durability and resistance to corrosion.

This side roll awning can be rolled completely to the ground, allowing for discreet and easy installation. These awnings can be customized with a variety of colors and styles to meet your aesthetic needs. In addition, Leroy Merlin offers a variety of accessories to further customize your roller awning, such as LED lights, curtains, reflective tape, etc.

Roll-up side awning 4 meters.

The 4 meter roll-up side awning is an ideal solution to protect yourself from the sun, rain or wind. It is made of water and UV resistant fabric, making it durable and weather resistant. The canopy easily rolls up for storage when not in use. The 4 meter roll-up side awning comes with a one-year warranty and is ideal for gardens, patios and terraces. It is an economical and practical solution to add a shaded area to your outdoor space.

Custom roll-up side awning.

The custom roll up side awning is a modern and easy to use shading option for your patio or garden. It’s made of durable, water-resistant materials like aluminum and canvas. You can roll up and unroll the custom awning manually or electrically as needed. In addition, it is a personalized product, so it can be designed to adapt to any space with the desired shape, size and color. In addition, custom roll-up side awnings are an excellent option to combat the sun and inclement weather.

custom roll up side awning

How to install a side roller awning?

Below we explain how to carry out the installation of the side roller awning so that you can do it yourself.

1. Select a suitable place to install the roller awning. Make sure the place is clear of obstacles.

2. Mark the mounting holes where the roller awning will be installed.

3. Install the brackets for the roller awning. It is recommended to use a square to ensure proper installation.

4. Place the roller awning on the brackets. Make sure the brackets are firmly attached to the awning frame.

5. Use the extension brackets to adjust the size of the canopy.

6. Adjust the roller awning furling system to ensure it extends and rolls properly.

7. Attach the roller awning brackets to the frame with the supplied screws and nuts. Make sure the screws are tight.

8. Check that the roller awning extends and rolls up correctly. Adjust the extension brackets if necessary.

How to carry out the maintenance of the side roller awnings.

The maintenance of a roll-up side awning consists of carrying out periodic cleaning and lubrication of its mechanical parts, as well as an inspection to detect possible breakage, wear or damage. It is recommended to clean the awning with a damp cloth to remove dirt and dust, and to lubricate the mechanical parts with a suitable lubricant to move them easily. It is also necessary to inspect the awning to detect any breaks or wear in the materials and replace them if necessary.

Prices of a roll-up side awning.

Side roller awning prices depend on various factors such as size, material, number of panels, type of roller system, brand, etc. Basic prices for such an awning start from around €150 to over €1,000. Prices may also vary depending on which part of the country you are in, as well as the costs of installation.

If you need a roll-up side awning with a canvas finish, the prices are usually a bit higher. On the other hand, if the panels are larger or a manual rolling system has to be installed, the price can increase considerably. They generally command higher prices than traditional side awnings. However, this extra investment is often worth it as they are more durable and versatile.

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