Transparent vertical awnings.

Because summer does not always come with pleasant temperatures, but also with some gusts that can ruin your plans at any time.

And to avoid such problems, you can purchase transparent vertical awnings specially designed for the arrangement of gazebos, but which also fit perfectly in the case of terraces or balconies.

These are anti-wind sheets for all types of vertical awnings. They are the latest generation complements, specially designed to protect you from bad weather outside.

Gazebos are considered an oasis of tranquillity where you can quietly enjoy a cup of coffee with a good book to inspire you throughout the day, in a quiet area with fresh, clean and healthy air.

In addition, gazebos are perfect to spend an evening with friends and enjoy with your loved ones. But an important aspect in your case is the design of the awning.

So you don’t have to worry anymore, whether it’s raining or windy, the PVC windbreak films of the transparent roll-up awnings are excellent and extremely effective in any situation.

Transparent windbreak awning. Safe and very effective.

Transparent wind awnings are among the safest and most effective solutions when it comes to storms and blizzards. They are ideal products for:

  • Balconies;
  • Balconies;
  • Grandstands;
  • Wooden buildings;
  • Metal constructions;

These transparent windbreak awning slats are usually provided with a fastening system such as clamps and brackets. They are fastened with buttons, which are very easy to assemble and disassemble by anyone. The advantage is that you can do it yourself, without having to call in other people.

transparent windbreak awning

All three types of fastening systems are classic, but for people who want something more special, we strongly recommend the transparent cassette awnings, in the form of electrically stopped rolls, which are operated with the help of a remote control.

Vertical pvc glass awnings.

Among the most popular and recommended models, by the way, by specialists are the vertical pvc glass awning slats, which have a thickness of about 0.80 mm and the edges are perfectly fixed with polystyrene, which are very easy to assemble.

Another advantage of the clip and clamp fastening systems is that they can be positioned so that they can be folded perfectly over any surface whatever its shape.

We should mention the fact that these windproof vertical transparent awnings are also perfect for the cold season, as the slats can be rolled up and folded according to your wishes and related needs.

Most people opt for this type of protection system against capricious weather, as they are simple, safe, effective and, more than that, affordable, but at the same time they also create a personal space in which you can freely carry out your daily activities.

Transparent vertical awnings for terraces.

In the case of transparent vertical terrace awnings, systems with a cassette made of transparent film are especially used to protect terraces in popular areas such as: restaurants, bars, cafés or hotels.

They also perfectly protect the balconies of your homes, but can also be seen in the spaces of public institutions, as they are easy to assemble and have proven their effectiveness over time.

transparent vertical awnings for terraces

Transparent vertical awnings for terraces can be applied quickly and easily in the case of pergola awning structures, in addition, it perfectly insulates the area, managing to create an excellent space for pampering and relaxation.

Its effectiveness has also been proven in the delimitation of spaces for various types of events such as: setting up a special space for children, in case of private parties.

Your gazebo or terrace is impeccably protected with the help of vertical transparent awning slats even in the cold season, thus preventing the blizzard from collecting all the snow inside.

Keeping in mind the fact that we have mainly mentioned how windproof vertical transparent awnings can be used, let’s do a little review and see what are the advantages and benefits of using such windproof films.

Advantages and benefits of the exterior vertical transparent awning.

The main advantages and benefits of using windproof films for the transparent exterior vertical awning are:

  • Transparent exterior vertical windbreak awning films are recommended for decorating: terraces, gazebos, but also as balcony awnings;
  • Considering that they are not considered hermetically sealed rooms, smoking is permitted;
  • The windproof vertical transparent awning blades are not excessively heavy, so they are not easy and quick to install;
  • They can be mounted on any type of surface, whether it is an inclined or circular surface, they adapt perfectly, considering that they have specific and special application elements.
    They have a complex, state-of-the-art fastening system that allows quick and easy assembly and disassembly, as they are equipped with small straps that make them almost imperceptible;
  • As for the transparent vertical outdoor awnings, they offer a pleasant and attractive design to gazebos, balconies or terraces, as they work perfectly with the help of the electrical system they have, which facilitates their use, as they can be raised and lowered at will;
  • It is very easy to assemble, the process can be carried out by anyone, so it does not require the intervention of specialists;
  • The transparent wind-proof films of the vertical transparent awnings also offer protection against solar radiation, as they are equipped with a UV filter;
  • Roller transparent awnings are extremely effective in both the warm and cold seasons, as they prevent both solar radiation and the accumulation of water or snow;
  • Vertical transparent awnings help to create an intimate and pleasant atmosphere;

vertical transparent roll-up awning prices

Transparent vertical roll-up awning prices and advantages.

The transparent vertical roll-up awning is made of resistant material, as specialists say that the windproof film is resistant to high temperatures up to +50 degrees or -50 degrees.

Their purchase is extremely simple and in terms of costs, considering the fact that they are among the most economical and effective solutions to protect and fix the space against the elements.

Despite the fact that the system is easy to operate, there are people who do not know how to do it, and in this case it is recommended to ask the advice of specialists, who can show you exactly how to use the entire system of the transparent vertical roll-up awning with prices included.

If we have aroused your curiosity by following the above descriptions, then we recommend that you learn all about the transparent vertical roll-up wind awning and its price, for complete, complex and impeccable protection in your comfort zone. Choose what suits you best!

transparent vertical awnings leroy merlin

Leroy Merlin transparent vertical awnings.

The best solution for protection against inclement weather for gazebos, balconies or any type of terraces are leroy merlin transparent vertical awnings with staples and clips or buttons. It is also the most effective and economical option for enclosing these spaces.

These transparent roll-up awnings leroy merlin are a very good option to protect spaces that are in contact with humid air, cold or that have direct contact with the sun.

The transparent film is made of transparent Cristal Clear film, has a thickness of 0.8 mm and the edge is reinforced with poly-foil.

The special system with clips and clamps offers the possibility of hermetically sealing any desired space.

The used clips are made of metal and are arranged around the film, and the fastening system with the help of clamps makes the closing system able to take any shape, adapting to any structure.

vertical transparent outdoor awnings

Vertical transparent awnings for total protection.

The fact that these vertical transparent awning slats are fitted with clips ensures that they are securely fixed to the wood or wall, thanks to the existence of clamps.

The rolling system is located at the bottom, and the drive system is manual, with a crank handle for foil systems embedded in aluminium guides.

Protecting terraces with mobile vertical transparent awnings, made with quality materials, can create a new space that can be used according to one’s needs, especially because it lets in the sun’s rays, but does not let in rain, wind or snow.

transparent vertical awnings prices

The advantages of using transparent film or anti-wind rolls for transparent terrace awnings.

  • They are ideal for gazebos, terraces and balconies;
  • They are very easy to handle and have a very effective closure;
  • They can be mounted and adapted to any surface, including sloping surfaces;
  • They can be dismantled if desired and can be rolled up at the top, then secured with a strap which can be supplied by those who deliver and install the sheet;
  • It is the simplest, most effective and quickest method of enclosing terraces;
  • It is a flexible sheet that has a modern appearance;
  • They can be very effective in protecting against ultraviolet rays;
  • The transparent awnings for terraces are very effective for heating enclosed spaces in cold climates;
  • The installation of patio awnings does not necessarily require specialists, they can also be installed by non-professionals, and all in an extremely short time;
  • Dismantling the transparent patio awning can be done in a few seconds by simply turning the clips;
  • Creates a pleasant atmosphere because light penetrates very easily through the transparent film;
  • Withstands temperatures from -48 to +50 degrees Celsius;

vertical transparent exterior awning

Area of use of vertical transparent awnings.

Vertical transparent awnings can be used in a variety of locations including:

  • Private terraces or restaurants, cafes or hotels;
  • Enclosing private balconies of private homes or public institutions;
  • Canvases for gazebos, arbours or pergolas;
  • Organisation of spaces for various public or private events or ceremonies;

The film of the vertical transparent awnings for terraces is also known for its acoustic and thermal insulating qualities, and the speed of assembly and disassembly make it one of the most widely used methods for insulating a space.

The plastic sheeting used to enclose the spaces is generally transparent, but can also be purchased in a darker shade of brown to increase the degree of privacy.

Maintenance of vertical transparent awnings for terraces.

The most important thing to bear in mind when you want to clean the transparent glass film is that it is covered with a protective layer that has the function of blocking the passage of ultraviolet rays and it is very important that it remains intact to avoid damaging the material.

To clean it, simply wipe it with a cotton cloth dampened with lukewarm water, or if it is very dirty, add soap to the lukewarm water.

In any case, do not use solutions containing alcohol or solvents, because the protective layer will be destroyed and the vertical transparent terrace awning film will take on a dull, matt appearance. Care should also be taken not to scratch the glass sheet during cleaning.

The advanced manufacturing technology makes the transparent film used to enclose with the vertical transparent terrace awnings a reliable product for any situation and can transform the enclosed space into a new room or can be transformed back into an outdoor space if desired by simply rolling up the film.

If you want to change the look of your terrace and obtain thermal comfort for a long time, regardless of the season, with this film closure system for vertical transparent awnings you will be protected from the weather and you will also be able to enjoy the view from the terrace outside.

What are the advantages of transparent film?

These transparent films used in vertical transparent awnings to enclose terraces, gazebos or balconies are among the simplest and most perfect enclosure methods.

vertical pvc glass awnings

They offer numerous advantages, including the following:

  • A transparent film can be installed and removed very easily and can be adapted independently of the balcony or terrace model;
  • These types of terrace enclosures, such as the transparent slats or those terrace roller blinds, can be installed and removed very easily, either with the help of specialists or by yourself;
  • The appearance of these aluminium boxed rolls for vertical transparent awnings is modern and protects from UV rays, although light penetrates very well through them;
  • This transparent material for terraces is very resistant to extreme temperatures, from approximately -48 degrees to +50 degrees Celsius;

Where can we buy the film for vertical transparent awnings for terraces?

When you decide to close your terrace or balcony, it is recommended that you opt for a company specialising in this type of transparent material for terraces, in order to have a guarantee of quality.

Therefore, when you invest money in transparent sheeting, it is best to choose only qualified people to install it, because they will know how to install it and can offer solutions in case certain problems arise.

This enclosure for vertical transparent awnings for terraces is one of the most suitable solutions for the enclosure of terraces and balconies, they are also resistant and can be enjoyed for very long periods of time.

How to care for this material for vertical transparent awnings?

This transparent film is coated with a protective layer, which protects it from ultraviolet rays and does not allow them to pass through, so special care is required when cleaning it.

It is important to use only non-invasive solutions that do not affect the structure of the film and it is recommended not to scratch it when cleaning.

Therefore, these films are ideal for vertical transparent awnings to enclose terraces and balconies and, when properly cared for, can be enjoyed for many seasons.

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