Balcony awnings are very useful accessories that can be used to keep your balcony in good condition while adding a touch of style to your decoration.

There are several types of accessories that you can place on a balcony that can help you to improve your comfort or improve the aesthetics of the place.

Places to place balcony awnings.

Open balconies are always considered an attractive place to relax. The fresh air, the coolness of the morning or the tranquillity of a warm summer evening are conducive to spiritual communication, they contribute to a good mood.

But what if it suddenly started raining, the wind blew or the bright sun creates discomfort? A bulky stationary outdoor canopy is not a way out.

Its massiveness, the heaviness of the structure not only spoils the appearance of a balcony or terrace, but also creates big problems during installation. But nevertheless a folding, light and beautiful design will appeal to everyone.

vertical awnings for balconies

An excellent replacement for obsolete awnings is a convenient folding design: a balcony awning. Its biggest advantage over a conventional awning is that it is very easy and simple to fold and unfold.

And at the same time, it is a very reliable way to protect your balcony or terrace from tedious rain or bright sunshine, annoying wind or insidious draughts.

The variety of balcony awnings in terms of design features allows them to be used on both small and large balconies, on terraces of any size and configuration. There are many design options for shading balconies and terraces.

Balcony awnings: Uses, benefits and their variations.

Below, we will show you everything you need to know to decide if this type of awning is what you need for your balcony. You will be able to see various types of balcony awnings, how to install them, as well as the benefits of purchasing one.

Types of balcony awnings.

Balcony awnings come in a large number of models, because, due to their high demand, they have to be adapted to various locations.

Balconies are a place where awnings can also be used and, in fact, there are already awnings specifically designed for balconies, which makes choosing the right one much easier.

What’s more, you can get cheap balcony awnings at your nearest shop. Below, you can see which awnings are recommended for your balcony.

Balcony side awnings.

The ideal compact solution to protect your balcony or terrace from wind and sun in summer.
Quick and easy to install, durable design, easy operation, creates the perfect atmosphere for your comfort.

They are equipped with a vertical bracket and can be easily installed on the wall. When fully open, the fabric net is stretched by a spring-loaded shaft.

It is possible to install a side balcony awning either for traction between two walls or for traction between a wall and a vertical fixing bracket mounted on a portable granite slab.

Compact and elegant sun and rain protection for large areas. They do not require a wall bracket for installation, making them ideal for shading large open spaces.

awnings for balcony

Balcony cassette awnings.

Perfectly suited for large open balconies, it is one of the best options among all types of awnings. The folding of the articulated arms is effortless and virtually silent thanks to the use of the latest technology in the construction of this awning.

Operated manually or by electric motor with remote control. This awning protects an area up to 700 centimetres wide and up to four metres high.

Give your balcony or terrace a new look and style with modern awnings, the cassette safely protects the fabric, which further prolongs the service life. Ideal for shading for any purpose and any budget.

Café and restaurant terraces are well protected with rectangular cassette balcony awnings. They can be placed in a niche, on any plane.

This is a good choice for shops, shopping centres. This awning is reliably protected against wind and rainwater drains through the gutters.

Balcony awnings have higher resistance. Its consoles in any position allow you to perform a strong tension of the fabric.

Balcony sliding curtain awning.

The balcony sliding curtain awning is a vertical awning that is mostly used at the ends of balconies, it functions as a waterproof curtain. This balcony awning is specially designed to fit any balcony, as long as you have the means to support it from the top.

Stylish and modern protection against sun and rain. Executive look, built-in halogen lighting further enhances comfort.

Unique custom design options, special dirt-repellent properties of the fabric ensure self-cleaning when it rains.

Balcony balustrade awning.

This is an elegant awning system with guides and brackets. The retractable profile is connected to the ends of the rails. Easy control, it is possible to install automation for remote control.

Balcony rail awnings are awnings that are mostly used on balconies, as they are excellent for covering.

They are attached to the top of the balcony and extend outwards so that they are slightly protruding from the verticality of the balcony.

They can be used as awnings for small balconies, as their size can be varied and adapted.

Awnings for an open balcony.

A large amount of natural daylight can only be provided by modern sun shading structures, for open balconies it is more optimal to use awnings.

There are two sides to the coin of natural daylight, on the one hand it is a feeling of comfort and tranquillity, on the other hand it is an uncontrollable external source that can create a lot of problems.

The awning is especially useful if the open balcony is located on the south side, when the intensity of the sun is especially high during the summer months.

First of all, it must solve the problem of direct sunlight, which can create not only discomfort, but also damage the furniture inside the room. Sun shading systems for an open balcony are the ideal option for protection from direct sunlight.

Extendable awnings can not only protect against bad weather with a high-quality awning, but also decorate the facade and emphasise the stylistic features of the architecture.

Choosing the right awning is not trivial and depends on many objective characteristics. If in doubt with the choice, it is best to consult with professionals, for a free visit of the meter, simply call the phone number of a trusted manufacturer or leave a callback request directly through their website.

Manufacturers often offer open, cassette and semi-cassette awnings for balconies. Each awning can be installed on almost any surface, and the possibility of year-round use will eliminate the need to dismantle it once a year.

Ample opportunities to decorate and use a colour palette allow you to choose an awning for any facade.

Special awnings for balconies.

Special balcony awnings are not only protection from the sun’s rays, but also an elegant decoration that makes the appearance attractive.

Special balconies and loggias in apartment buildings can be used for a similar purpose as a terrace or gazebo in a private house.

Such special canopies over the balcony can be controlled both manually and automatically. Special PVC fabrics can be hung on the round naked visor, this material is super durable and easy to clean.

The fabric is also waterproof. It is resistant to temperature fluctuations from +30 to -50 degrees Celsius and does not fade in the sun for more than five years with warranty.

It is also possible to equip the balcony awning with special sensors so that the balcony awning responds to weather changes.

In strong winds, the canopy can be folded up and, when the weather eases, it can be turned around.

The balcony canopy creates the necessary comfort and creates the conditions for quality rest. With the help of a visor, you can adjust the degree of illumination, get protection from rain and wind, and also get a camouflage function to protect yourself from the view of neighbours: your holiday will be private and secluded.

As a rule, the metal elements are coated with specialised anti-corrosion compounds.

leroy merlin balcony awnings

Features of balcony awnings.

Allows you to shade large areas. A unique combination of innovation and design. Modern and durable fabrics in the current collection. Easy control. Automatic control from the remote control is possible.

You can get balcony awnings in a wide range of shapes and sizes. The prices of balcony awnings can vary depending on their model and size, and you can get them in different models and materials. This depends on the quality of the awning, as some materials can be of poor quality.

The awnings made for balconies are accessories that come in various sizes, adaptable to the space you need, making the installation of these much more comfortable and easy.

Did you know that there are façade awnings that look very similar to balcony awnings?

What are the benefits of installing a balcony awning?

Regardless of the site, it is always convenient to install an awning, this is because they are perfect for protecting areas from the elements, which can damage open spaces.

Balcony tarpaulins can be very useful when protecting these areas, as they are open and often have problems with letting in a lot of dust or rainwater.

Balcony awnings are very easy to purchase and can make a lot of things easier in your home. They also provide shade and come in beautiful designs.

Balcony awnings prices and where to get them.

You can buy balcony awnings at very good prices in online or physical shops such as Leroy Merlir or Ikea.

You can place orders with measurements and the design you like best. Prices for balcony awnings vary greatly depending on the size and model you choose.

Ikea balcony awnings:

Ikea is a company that specializes in the manufacture of home furnishings. Ikea is a very good place to get balcony awnings as they are experts in accessories to improve the quality of your home. You can also place custom orders with the specifications you want.

balcony sliding curtain awning

Ikea balcony awnings have a sturdy frame and a fabric that protects against moisture. The balcony awning is installed in such a way that a person can stand up to its full height without experiencing discomfort. Thanks to the longitudinal beam in the balcony awning, the height of the frame can be adjusted.

Leroy Merlin balcony awnings.

It is not uncommon for residents of multi-storey buildings to feel extreme heat in summer, glazed and open balconies let sunlight into the room in significant amounts.

Neither air conditioning, blinds, nor even reflective film and closed curtains save from the sun’s rays; after all, the room is darkened.

A modern solution to this problem is the use of balcony awnings, with adjustable lighting to create comfort and cosiness in the room.

They allow air and light to pass through and are the most practical solution. At Leroy Merlin there is a wide range of products and services that may be of interest to you.

Leroy Merlin balcony awnings are of very good quality, and you can also get installation services for your balcony awnings if you find it difficult to do it yourself.

Presentations of balcony awnings.

You can find a wide variety of balcony awnings and each of them has its own individual characteristics. Balcony awnings can vary greatly in size and shape depending on the space you require them for.

In terms of price, balcony awnings can be different depending on the materials used and the type of assembly.

To choose the right type of awning you need you have to take into account the space, as choosing something that in the long run is not going to be functional is not advisable as this leads to more expenses in the future.

Due to their price, 3 metre balcony awnings are not recommended for spaces that require more or less space.

awnings for balconies

Some balcony awning designs can be used to protect small terraces from the sun. The manual control of the design allows you to lower the awning to the required level, creating protection on the balcony from UV sunlight. In addition, this type of awning can be equipped with automatic control.

The special awning fabric protects the balcony not only from humidity and sunlight, but also from any kind of precipitation, dust and wind.

The width of the awning fabric can reach up to 5 metres, so it provides perfect protection from prying eyes of others.

This is especially true if the balcony of a multi-storey building overlooks a busy street.

Preferred materials for balcony awnings.

It is preferable to spend a little more on quality materials than to have to make expenses in the future to compensate for this.

When buying a balcony awning make sure that the materials they are made of are of good quality, as they are constantly exposed to sun and rain.

Make sure you order the best quality awnings for your balcony to ensure that they will last for a long time.

One of the best fabrics you can order for an awning is acrylic fibre which is a fabric that has a higher thermal insulation.

Acrylic fibre fabric is not waterproof, but it is treated to have hydrophobic qualities and the manufacture of balcony tarpaulins with it is very common.

Now that you know about these great accessories for your balcony, you can decide whether it would be a good idea to buy them.

Keep in mind that you should know how to select the awning that best suits the area where you are going to need it, if you are not sure you can ask an expert to give you a better guide.

Remember that in the ideas blog section you can find advice so that you can find out in which spaces it is convenient to install your balcony awnings.

In addition, you can learn all about cleaning and in case you don’t feel able to install your balcony awnings on your own.

cheap balcony awnings

Which manufacturers should we look for in balcony awnings.

All the advantages of balcony awnings can only be guaranteed by the best manufacturers. Always look for balcony awning manufacturers with many years of experience, high competence and highly qualified specialists.

Try to ask if they use only wear-resistant materials that are distinguished by high wear resistance, long service life, do not fade in the sun and do not deform over many years.

When choosing the manufacturer, do not worry about the price, quality and installation of the awning.

All you need to do to order an awning for a balcony is to call their phone number and leave a request for a free measurement.

Specialists will help you correctly determine the type of balcony awnings for your task, choose the fabric, colour from a wide range of colours and style solutions, and answer all your questions.

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