Differences between awnings and pergolas.

Because most people tend to make big confusions about the functionality of a pergola and that of an awning, we decided to provide you with information about each in this article, so that you can form a clear and concise idea about awnings and pergolas.

Let’s start with the information about the pergola first.

What is a pergola?

Well, a pergola is generally a construction made of either aluminium or wood, which can be attached to a free-standing structure or supported by a wall.

The outdoor design elements successfully manage to offer a complex shape and impressive design to any house, patio or garden, as it is an accessory that perfectly completes a fairytale garden.

awnings for wooden pergolas

In general, most people choose between wooden awnings and pergolas, because it is more aesthetic than the others and is perfectly adapted to cover, for example, a terrace in summer.

They are also very well equipped with specific elements for awnings and pergolas, which fit perfectly with the place where they are placed and on the other hand they are arranged.

For example, if you want to install awnings and pergolas in a garden, then the area should be bare and perhaps decorated with all kinds of flowers and climbing plants, well connected between the constructions of the hired awnings and pergolas.

It is an efficient way to create a storytelling space, a place to quietly enjoy your morning coffee or read a good book and relax watching the sunset. It is also the ideal place to spend a quiet evening with your loved ones or friends.

How are awnings and pergolas built?

In general, it is recommended to contact companies specialised in the installation of awnings and pergolas that provide this type of service, so that you can forget about worrying beforehand and enjoy a high quality and impeccable construction from the point of view of design.

But if you really want to build your awnings and pergolas yourself, then you have to buy strong poles, depending on the material of the pergola, for the pre-construction of the roof.

You have to make sure that the pillars are correctly positioned, so that the structure is strong.

pergolas with awnings

There are several types of awnings and pergolas.

Wooden pergola.

When it comes to the construction of awnings and pergolas, wood is the material of choice, as it is easy to handle and very pleasant in terms of design. It is a material that integrates perfectly into any space.

The disadvantage of wood is that its resistance is reduced in bad weather. In such situations, the planks must be varnished.

  • Wrought iron pergola.

Like wood, wrought iron can also be integrated into almost any room, as it offers a romantic and elegant look. A weather and weather-resistant material. In terms of layout, the interior is a little difficult to match, but not impossible.

  • Aluminium awnings and pergolas.

Aluminium pergolas are those used for awnings and pergolas that give a special look to any place. Bioclimatic aluminium pergolas are luxurious and add value to the spaces where they are installed.

  • Pergolas all season long.

All-season awnings and pergolas are most commonly used by restaurants, hotels or private terraces. These awnings and pergolas are made of plastic material or triple-layer roofing material. The most sought after and best selling retractable roof is the all-season pergola.

On the aesthetic side, well, they are pleasing to the eye compared to wooden or iron awnings and pergolas. The weather is no longer a problem for this type of pergola, as the material is hard and resistant. In addition, the roof is equipped with an electric or manual mechanism to open or close any type of awning.

And now let’s take a look at some information about awnings, what they are, how they can be used and what they can be used for.

What is an awning?

Awnings are used to shade a certain area, usually made of a light material, such as Teflon canvas, which usually have a nice design.

The advantage is that they can be chosen according to the place where they are to be placed, which is why you can find many types of awnings on the market with different shapes and models.

The awnings are either fixed, suitable for windows with support arms, or extendable, specially designed for high spaces up to 5 m, which can be supplied with a manual system, or with an electric, tilting or façade system.

The material they are made of is canvas, and this canvas has highly sun-resistant colours with layers of protection against mould and mildew.

pergolas and awnings

What is the difference between a pergola and an awning?

Well, the differences are really visible between awnings and pergolas, because, despite the apparently similar functionality, their structures are considerably different, the way of construction is also totally different, the dimensions are quite different and the design is absolutely indisputable.

Awnings and pergolas can also have a special box from which the canvas is retracted outwards or inwards, these are called awning boxes.

In short, the pergola is a separate construction or a continuation of the house or garden, made of wood, aluminium or other similar materials, and the awning is simply a complement to the garden, a canvas, provided with structures that provide the necessary resistance and good protection against the sun’s rays.

The advantages of installing awnings and pergolas in the house.

Awnings and pergolas are very useful. They offer a lot of advantages, they are exactly what you need to enjoy a pleasant day. Awnings and pergolas are the solution to avoid the very high temperatures during the summer.

They also become a necessity, being ideal for people who prefer to spend their time outdoors. The main advantage of these awnings and pergolas is the shade they provide. However, apart from this advantage, they also have other advantages.

Awnings and pergolas are ideal for any type of space. They can be adapted to your needs, so that they offer you the conditions you want. If you have a smaller space, you can easily customise it with quality awnings.

By using the ideal awnings and pergolas, you will find that they will also protect you against the greenhouse effect. The sun’s rays are known to create this greenhouse effect. You see it more and more often.

wooden awnings and pergolas

Plastic is a material that favours the appearance of this effect. Such a film is often used in greenhouses, as it is ideal for plants. Unfortunately, this is not the case for people.

Awnings and pergolas will protect you from flies and mosquitoes. They will form a barrier against insects above them. The insects will detect the obstacle and tend to avoid it. You can even place a table under these awnings and pergolas, and insects will not be attracted to the food there.

Many extendable awnings are designed to withstand summer storms. The best performing awnings are equipped with sensors that detect wind intensification. The sensors will act and close the awning, so your awning is protected.

Manufacturers who assemble and distribute top quality retractable awnings and pergolas.

You can call a company that specialises in awnings and pergolas without any problem. Such a company will offer you the awning you need, so you can enjoy its advantages. Among the advantages listed above, a vertical awning will protect your skin from the sun’s rays.

In this way, you will be able to enjoy a pleasant summer day in which you will no longer have to worry about sunburn. Quality awnings and pergolas will not let the sun’s rays penetrate, so you can enjoy the shade you want.

The awnings are not rigid. You can operate them extremely easily using the remote control. Using the automatic setting, the pergola awning will be lowered exactly when you need it.

This will not be a concern for your home, because it will do its own work. The colour of the cover also varies quite a lot. The colour you choose will influence your mood a lot. It is good to choose a colour that influences you positively.

Awnings and pergolas can even change the architecture of the house. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy visible changes. By calling a reliable company, you will see that you have chosen a quality sail that you can enjoy.

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