Folding awning for terrace: The practical solution to enjoy the sun.

The frame of the terrace folding awning is made of a special steel alloy, which is powder-coated in the required colour to protect against corrosion.

The dense fabric of the awning and the semi-matt gloss of the frame give the structure an aesthetic and noble appearance.

All components of the terrace folding awning design are neatly and compactly made. The ability to adjust the angle of the awning fabric allows you to provide maximum sun protection.

Folding structures can often be seen in the form of different types of awnings, e.g. facade awnings for shops, restaurants and hotels.

This design is chosen for its elegant and impeccable appearance, which emphasises the luxurious façade and entrance group.

folding awnings

Folding awning fabrics for terrace awnings.

The awning fabric is UV-resistant and retains its original colour in all weather conditions, is not subject to decay and is impregnated with an anti-fungal compound.

The terrace folding awning protects from the sun and exposure to excessive heat. For added convenience, the type of awning can be automated. This is a design that will interest and attract visitors to your establishment and provide them with the necessary level of comfort.

It is more cost effective to order and purchase a folding patio awning from the manufacturer. Awning factories make it possible to produce a folding awning of European level according to an individual order from the most reliable components at a favourable price and in the shortest possible time.

The plant guarantees the quality of the construction. For a free meter output, simply call the manufacturer of folding awnings for terraces or leave a callback request directly on site. The meter will be happy to answer all your questions and help you with your choice.

Folding awnings for outdoor terraces.

An outdoor terrace is often an unheated, enclosed extension of the house. Despite this, terraces can be used all year round. The terrace roof acts as a protective barrier against precipitation and sunlight.

Instead of a roof, it is customary to use folding terrace awnings that help to protect and create comfortable conditions for outdoor terraces. This is the most functional system that outperforms the roof and visor in all aspects.

It is also more economical and quicker to install. Such a modern approach makes it possible to transform the terrace into a summer terrace in the warm season.

For the folding awning, a special type of construction is used: the elbow. It consists of a metal frame made of a special, durable alloy, movable elbow levers, a shaft on which the awning fabric itself is rolled up.

In some cases, the design also includes a special cassette that protects the awning fabric and makes the design more reliable and durable. This is known as a folding cassette awning.

folding terrace awning

Folding awning.

When retractable awnings are installed on the outside terraces of a private house or on the facades of commercial buildings, these structures are used as a roof and can fully or partially shade the terrace area.

Folding awnings successfully protect the veranda from all types of precipitation and direct sunlight.

Advertising applied directly to the awning fabric itself will help to attract additional customers to your business.

The appearance of modern folding patio awnings is a work of art in itself and a way to decorate and conceal any façade flaws.

Affordable prices, which are only available when working directly with the manufacturer, make folding awnings even more attractive.

The plant will not only produce the turnkey awning quickly and efficiently, but will also install it quickly at the customer’s site.

All folding awnings can be optionally equipped with automatic and remote control.

Folding side awning.

A side folding patio awning is a design in which the elbow folding method is used. They have a special housing into which the fabric of the folding side awning is folded. This allows you to operate the folding awning even in winter.

Such a device is used both for showcases and open terraces. It is equipped with two or more folding arms that provide tension to the fabric.

The awning factory also produces side folding awnings for large areas. Terrace folding awnings extend over considerable distances. This type of awning has numerous options for use in sun and rain.

folding side awning

Hard folding awnings with automatic sensors.

The rigid folding awnings can be equipped with sensors for automatic control according to pre-recorded behavioural scenarios.

For example, you can program the folding of the awning in strong winds to prevent damage to the structure.

Or vice versa, unfolding the awning with the first rays of sunshine to create comfortable conditions on the territory.

The rigid folding awning reliably fulfils the function of protection against external influences and at the same time looks elegant and slides freely.

If you are in doubt about the choice of a folding awning for your property, contact the awning factory for help.

They have their own production facilities and work with each customer individually for any order volume.

Their market leading status and in-house production allows them to control all processes at every stage, from product design to installation and maintenance.

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